In this do you even resonate episode: Sapia.Ai

In this episode: (volunteered by Nate Hewitt). They target talent acquisition managers at large enterprises.

ClarityScore: 3.9/5

Relevance: 3.9/5

Demo interest: 2.9/5

While many of their claims pique curiosity (esp speed, quality of hiring, hand-selected statistics), they find resistance in worldview.

"AI will never replace me!" is a common sentiment and source of resistance to Sapia.

The main mistake Sapia is making is not positioning its AI capabilities as a helper to recruitment specialists. They're talking about the great things AI can do... while they should be saying how AI will now elevate these talent professionals to do their best work.

Other issues of note:

1. A confusing headline and a little too vague value proposition.

First impressions are huge.

"What is it?"

"What can I do with it?"

The above the fold creates shrugs instead of excitement. Luckily, the fix is easy.

2. Add details about the WHOLE flow.

Where does AI stop and the talent professional start? Not discussed.

3. Need to spell out the integrations (ATSs) earlier on the page.

It's a tablestakes that matters a great deal to this buyer.

4. Need to address how AI handles bias and diversity.

They can make an argument that AI is better than humans here, but they're not doing it.

5. Lots of fear-based nitpicks about a lot of little things.

Why only 5 questions?

What roles is this suitable for?

Why only soft skills?

And again, how does AI help humans do better work - instead of "does it do it better than they do".

At the very end, I show a version of their home page I put together super quickly based on the data. I bet my 4-minute rewrit