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Here's what you can use Wynter for

Website copy testing
Wynter helps you identify problems with your messaging and copy, and gives you insights to improve it.
Value proposition testing
A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. It’s the primary reason a prospect should buy from you.

Find the wording that resonates with your audience.
Headline testing
Find the best headline for your website or a landing page. In hours, not days.
Tone of voice testing
Does your brand come across the way you want to? Learn how your audience perceives you based on your copy. Test your copy across the 4 dimensions of tone of voice.
Email copy testing
Before your SDRs send that cold email, or before you blast your whole list with that marketing email, test it and improve it. So it'd work better.
Ad pre testing
Test your ad creative and copy before you launch that campaign. Get directional estimate of your ad campaign's effectiveness, learn which messages work best.
Prototype copy testing
You have your new wireframe, mockup, or a prototype ready. Before you build it, test the copy to learn what works or doesn't.
Ecommerce product page copy testing
For most products it's copy that gets people to buy it. Get data and insights on how to improve your product page copy.
Brand positioning testing
How does your target audience perceive your brand? How would they describe it? Does it match how you want to come across? We'll tell you.

Find out what your audience thinks of your copy.

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