Make message testing part of your audits

Impress your clients with data they've never had before.

Learn where messaging falls flat, so you can fix it.

Make more money by adding a generous mark-up on top of Wynter's messaging test costs by offering added value - like summarizing the data, advising clients on the needed changes.

Brad Kilpatrick
Ramsey Solutions
Senior Director

We saw a 15% increase in conversion rate from the insights gained from our first test and it took less than 5 minutes to setup and less than a day to get results back.

Add data-driven messaging to your arsenal

Your clients rely on you to provide data and insights for making their website better.

Wynter is the only tool that will give you actionable insights on messaging - in less than a business day.

No agency has given them data on copy before. Means you're a keeper.

Copy has the biggest influence on conversions.

But improving it and even knowing what to improve used to be difficult.
Until we built Wynter.

Wynter gives you data on where the copy fails, what rubs people the wrong way, what key information is missing, and what the overall doubts are.

Now you can help your clients achieve message-market fit, and convert more best-fit customers.

How to bake Wynter into your services

Website audits

Use Wynter to discover all the messaging problems your clients have on their websites.

You can then make extra money by advising them on the needed changes and helping to fix them.

With proof and insights, you can easily sell your clients on the need for a new and better copy.

Copywriting projects

Save nerves and time over trying to figure what to tweak in the copy.

Discover all the shortcomings with the target audience's help, make adjustments and give your clients the most resonating copy they've ever had

Validating ideas before building them

Use Wynter for testing out websites or creatives before investing time and effort into actually developing and scaling them.

No need to pour resources into ideas people don't care about.

Conversion optimization programs

Most web pages don't get enough volume to run A/B tests.

But you can still run a messaging test. And you get the results in hours instead of weeks. 

"Wynter is a game-changer. What would have been left up to my own heuristics, those bits of feedback now validate my own thoughts, and I can get extra supporting data. I very much appreciate how Wynter can make me look better at what I do."

Tommy Walker

The Content Studio

Or come up with new services

For example, your clients want actionable recommendations, not research data.
But finding real insights from qualitative data is challenging.

You can summarize all the insights Wynter's raw data gives.

And turn these into official documents or presentations. 

All for a hefty mark-up.

Example of a summary:

Why is Wynter great for agencies?


Wynter is self-served, setting up a test takes 1-3 minutes.

No need to come up with your own questions or bring your own panel.

You'll have the results for your next client meeting.

More Revenue

You’ll get the credit for all the results that came from fixing messaging. This leads to better & stabler relationships.

Also with Wynter you can drive demand for your other services, whether it is copywriting, consulting or writing actionable research summaries.

New Clients

If you do outbound sales, you can use Wynter to test the cold emails you send out.

Find out what puts prospects off and what makes them schedule a meeting with you.

Add data-driven message testing to your toolbelt

Know exactly how to improve messaging.

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"I've used Wynter for client work across multiple accounts now for B2B and B2C copy testing. I try to sell every client on it because the results are truly that valuable. Multiple clients have loved it so much that they end up requesting multiple tests."

Haley Carpenter
Senior CX Strategist @ Speero