Future press releases

Learn how your audience perceives your new product idea

Amazon uses future press releases to decide which ideas are worth turning into new products, and what the main use cases for a product should be.

This is a process they've used for their new grocery storees, or products like Echo Studio and Echo Buds. You can innovate like Amazon by testing mock press releases.

Figure out which ideas are worthy of becoming real products

Writing a mock press release that describes the product and the problem it's trying to solve, is what has come to be known as the "working backwards document" within Amazon.

Wynter enables you to test your mock press release against a set panel of people. You can choose from 50+ audiences.

Real people will tell you what they find compelling, what turns them off, and how likely they would be to buy it.

Find out how audiences perceive your new product.

Get data on whether audiences want this new product you're considering.
“Copytesting has been a real game-changer for our innovation funnel.”
Elliot Roazen
Acquisition Marketing @ The Hub, Unilever's in-house innovation center