How to be an excellent participant and always get paid

When you're invited to take a messaging survey, please keep in mind the following:

  1. The goal is to provide feedback which you yourself would find helpful, informative and actionable so that the message could be improved based on your feedback.
  2. Let the reader know exactly what needs improving and why. Don’t just criticize. Offer suggestions.
  3. When something is confusing, clarify. What words or sentences are confusing? Don't leave loose ends.
  4. When everything's excellent and you want to write something like "everything's great"/"nothing's unclear", take the time to look closer, analyze, and dive into more detail.
  5. Don't talk about colors or font sizes - the screenshots given do not represent actual website/designs.

Unhelpful and AI generated comments will get you banned from future surveys.

Example of what kind of feedback you should and shouldn't leave

3 principles to keep in mind

Don't do this

Example of poor feedback
Example of poor feedback
Example of poor feedback

Do this

Example of great test feedback

The surveys

There are 5 different types of surveys we can send to you:

Full-page survey

Give feedback on one full-length page. (Completion time: 10-20 min)

Value proposition survey

Give feedback only on the above the fold area of a webpage. (Completion time: 7-15 min)

Cold email survey

Give feedback on a cold email. (Completion time: 7-15 min)

When you're invited to evaluate a cold email, don't comment on the fact that this is a cold email. The company running the survey knows this.

B2B buyer intelligence survey

Answer survey questions. (Completion time: 10-20 min)

Preference survey

Answer which version of a creative (landing page, ad creative, value proposition) you like the most and why. (Completion time: 5-10 min)