Wynter is a B2B buyer intelligence tool.

Learn if your B2B messaging hits the mark.

The fastest way to discover what people in your target market think, what matters to them, and how your messaging is resonating with them.

Get rich qualitative insights from highest quality, verified B2B audiences. Targeting by title and industry. Results in just 12-48 hrs.
Example of a value proposition test results. The text tested in the test is in the positive (green) range.
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Start seeing your product the way your customers see it.

You can learn 2 key things with Wynter:

• what your target customers want and how they think,
• how your marketing and product messaging is landing on them.

Wynter gives you insights from real target customers on where your messaging misses the mark, so you can fix it and convert more customers.
Example of how visitors see your page when the messaging isn't resonating. Irrelevant copy, that is confusing and boring for the reader.

Getting your messaging right is almost as important as getting to the right product

The symptoms of ineffective messaging aren’t easy to spot.

You probably collect and analyze almost every imaginable metric, but how do you know your messaging is working?

That's where message testing comes in.

Data science findings show that copy is twice as influential as design in why visitors convert. Get it right, increase revenue.

Get to messaging that truly resonates and differentiates you from the competition

High quality and fast feedback from your B2B target customers.
Validate your messaging
Learn whether your messaging hits home or falls flat (and why) with the target audience.
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Stand out from the competition
Get to messaging that is differentiated from your competition and the larger ecosystem.
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Get to internal consensus
Put an end to internal debates, get data on what messaging actually works with the target customer.
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Get to targeted message for each segment
Test your messaging with each target group, get to the right message for all channels and customers.
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Speed up go-to-market feedback loops
Rapid feedback on any aspect of your go-to-market strategy. Results in just 12-48 hrs
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Identify pain points and desired gains
Use surveys to identify and validate pain and benefit statements with target customers.
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High-quality B2B audiences

Tap into our proprietary, hand-validated B2B panel - a large network of screened professionals. Run buyer intelligence surveys and test your messaging.
Effective messaging is effective marketing
When your ideal customer is reading your marketing or product messaging, what are they thinking?

Are they leaning in - "wow that's interesting" - or are their eyes glazing over.

Which is it?

You won't know until you conduct message testing.
Example of a value proposition test results. The text tested in the test is in the positive (green) range.
The most important element for converting visitors: your offer
But which offer will generate the most leads? Which value proposition hits home?

Wynter's preference test helps you answer those questions for B2B audiences. Validate your offers before you put them out there.
Preference test example.  In this example, 2 different concepts are tested against each other. And then the panelists are asked, what made you choose this version.
Learn how audience thinks about the problems you solve
If you know what are the pains your customer is trying to solve and what the desired gains are, you can do highly effective marketing.

Buyer intelligence surveys by Wynter help you learn exactly this.
Wynter Buyer Intelligence Survey results. Examples of an open ended survey question and a scale question.
Triple your outbound email response rates
Get feedback on your email template from the people you're targeting.

Figure out what message hooks them, and what should be cut from your current pitch.
Example of a cold email test. Screenshot of the cold email and feedback given on it from the panelists.
Value proposition is the primary reason a prospect should buy from you
It’s also the main thing that determines whether people will bother reading more about your product or hit the back button.

The right words can make a huge difference here. Test the wording of your value proposition.
Example of a value proposition test results. The text tested in the test is in the positive (green) range.
Get your exact target customers evaluate your company or product on video
You don't want an average grandma give you feedback. You need someone with a specific title from a specific type of customer.

Wynter is the only platform that allows you granular B2B audience targeting for user testing.
A man User Testing Wynter's website. Sitting in front of a computer and is being recorded.

B2B research panels: target audiences by job titles, industry, company size

Tap into our proprietary, hand-validated B2B panel - a large network of screened professionals.
Target 30+ job functions. New audiences added monthly.

Our most popular audiences across all 3 levels are
Human resources
HR specialists, talent acquisition, benefits specialists, recruiters, people development.
Marketing specialists, customer acquisition roles, demand generation, branding people, product marketers.
Software developers
Developers and software engineers.
Account executives, salespeople, sales development representatives
Product Marketers
Product Marketing Managers & Leads, Product Marketing Specialists
Product people
Product designers, product analysts, associate PMs
Founders - Tech
Tech / SaaS founders, less than 50 employees
Sales Directors
Head of sales, director of sales, sales manager
Human Resource Managers
Directors of Human Resources, Human Resources Managers, Technical Recruiting Managers
Marketing Directors
Director of Marketing, Marketing Manager, other director-level marketing titles
Founders - SMB
Small business owners from a variety of industries. Organizations with fewer than 100 employees.
IT Managers
IT Manager, Director of IT, IT Services Leader, Head of IT Infrastructure, IT Program Manager, IT Infrastructure Manager, IT Architect
VP Human Resources
VP/SVP and C-level HR leaders.
Chief Technology Officers
Chief Technology Officers
Chief Operating Officers
Chief Operating Officers
Chief Information Officers
Chief Information Officers
Chief Data Officers
Chief Data Officers
Marketing VPs / CMOs
Marketing leaders. CMOs, Marketing VPs & SVPs.

They use Wynter for insights and impact

B2B companies use Wynter to build messaging that works
Photo of Paul Zalewski
Paul Zalewski
VP Marketing
Wynter is so good I almost don't want to tell anyone about it so it can be my secret weapon.
Photo of Elliot Roazen
Elliot Roazen
Growth Marketing
The Hub, Unilever
Wynter has been a real game-changer for our innovation funnel. Being able to first test copy before it ends up on a new sales page gives your experiments a head start.
Photo of Marcus Taylor
Marcus Taylor
Venture Harbour
The average price people are happy to pay has increased over 10X by changing our positioning thanks to Wynter. So yeah... I'm sold
Photo of Brad Kilpatrick
Brad Kilpatrick
Senior Director
Ramsey Solutions
We saw a 15% increase in conversion rate from the insights gained from our first test and it took less than 5 minutes to setup and less than a day to get results back.
Photo of Scott Tousley
Scott Tousley
Head of Marketing
We uncovered a handful of unknown insights and recurring themes from our Wynter research. It's been incredibly valuable. I'd highly recommend Wynter as a way to dive deeper into the 'why' when analyzing website or onboarding funnel points of confusion.