Win with faster target customer feedback loops

During the previous decade, companies had to win on product and capabilities.
To win over the upcoming decade, you need to win on a strong narrative, clear positioning and compelling messaging on top.
Wynter is the only product of its kind. It's the fastest way to discover what people in your target market think, and how your messaging is resonating with them.

Origin story:
How Wynter came to be

At CXL — an elearning company I founded — we have 60+ pages with long-form sales copy: one for each course we offer (+ tons of other landing pages). Those pages get SEO and PPC traffic.

How well those pages convert is critical for ROAS, and our unit economics in general. In order to make the machine better and grow the business faster, I needed to increase the conversion rate of those pages.

Since they're copy-heavy, the lever is improving the copy. But what's wrong with my messaging? What do I improve?

Those were the questions I asked back in 2019.

I had little to no data on it.

Web analytics or heat maps couldn't tell me if or how my messaging is falling short, and why. To improve the messaging on our pages, I needed to first understand what the problems were. You can only improve something if you know what needs improvement.

I started to look for a tool to help me with this.

I asked everyone.

Nobody knew about such a tool, but I did learn that most everyone had the same issue. A lot of messaging and copy, but no data on how to improve it.

Realizing what a huge unsolved issue this is, I decided to solve it myself.

We're on a mission to make messaging a measurable part of marketing

Messaging and copywriting are one of the last strongholds of opinions in a data-informed world.

We want to change that.

If you want to optimize your messaging — take what's there and make it better — there's no good way to go about it. Why? Because you don't have any data on this stuff.

How do you know which part of your messaging works, and what's a meh?

• Does the headline make people want to keep reading?
• Are the arguments you're making stuff that people care about?
• Does the audience feel like you understand the priorities and challenges of their role?
• Do they understand what you're trying to say?
• After reading everything, what remains unclear?
• Where in the copy did they want to stop reading?

Do you have data on this? You don't.

Web analytics can't tell you anything about the copy. Heat maps don't show you anything about the copy. User testing is not designed for this.

In most cases, you're left with opinions: "I think this is good!" or "This sucks."

When you consider how important messaging and copywriting are for marketing, it's pretty crazy.

It's insane that there's no data to tell you which parts of your messaging  resonate with the audience, or which parts fall flat.

Well, until now.

This is why we built Wynter — to make messaging data-driven.

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Headshot of Wynter team member Peep

Peep Laja

Founder & CEO

Former champion of optimization and experimentation turned business builder.

Location: Austin TX.

Headshot of Wynter team member Shane

Shane Stearns

VP of Sales

Shane helps our clients and future clients to find the best solutions for their needs. He is ready to give you a demo product and discuss your needs.

Location: Austin, TX.

Headshot of Wynter team member Viljo

Viljo Vabrit

Head of Panel Relations

Viljo makes sure our B2B panel is the best in the world, and you can use it to nail your messaging and gather buyer intelligence.

Location: Estonia

Headshot of Wynter team member Despoina

Despoina Ioannidi

Panel Sourcing Specialist

Despoina makes sure our clients get exactly the panelists they want. She recruits new panelists and keeps our panel up to date. 

Location: Greece

Headshot of Wynter team member Karl

Karl-Christofer Veske

Digital Marketer

Karl is extremely passionate about branding and growth marketing. He works to spread the good work about effective messaging and why all companies should be doing message testing.

Location: Estonia

Headshot of Wynter team member Alessandra

Alessandra Barile

Product Manager

Alessandra is helping us ship the right product to our customers, so they would get better insights for their marketing and messaging.

Location: Italy

Headshot of Wynter team member Dustin

Dustin Drees

Research Strategist

Dustin helps our customers map out the research strategy. He makes sure clients get the most out of the results and can act on those insights as effectively as possible.

Location: Milwaukee, WI