Win with faster target customer feedback loops

Today's winners have a deep understanding of the target customer. It determines the positioning and messaging, campaigns, content, and pricing.

Your market needs to be a primary input to how you run your revenue strategy.

The pre-requisite for an effective revenue strategy is ongoing qualitative target customer insight gathering.

The idea of understanding exactly who you want to build your brand for is one of the great marketing disciplines. Everyone has bubbles. That's normal. It’s what we do about it that counts.

Getting rich, qualitative information about target customers creates empathy, enables us to focus on the right pain points, reach people where and how they want to be reached, and get to messaging that actually resonates.

Your revenue strategy should include these components:

1. Your ICP: who cares the most about your differentiated value?

2. Pain points: what are their top challenges and priorities?

3. Value proposition: 
what's our promise of value to be delivered that makes them want it?

4. Channels: where do they go for information to learn about your stuff?

5. Pricing: what's the value of solving problems? What's the willingness to pay?

6. Brand preference: which vendors are top of mind? What'd make them switch?

Most of your future revenues are going to come from future customers. Be deliberate about knowing what they want, and how they want it.

Wynter is the only product of its kind. It's the fastest way to discover what people in your target market think about your category, what their pain points are, and what would make them buy from you.

Origin story:
How Wynter came to be

As told by the founder, Peep Laja:

At CXL — an elearning company I founded — we have 100+ pages with long-form sales copy: one for each course we offer (+ tons of other landing pages). Those pages get SEO and PPC traffic.

How well those pages convert is critical for ROAS, and our unit economics in general. In order to make the machine better and grow the business faster, I needed to increase the conversion rate of those pages.

Since they're copy-heavy, the lever is improving the copy. But what's wrong with my messaging? What do I improve?

Those were the questions I asked back in 2019.

I had little to no data on it.

Web analytics or heat maps couldn't tell me if or how my messaging is falling short, and why. To improve the messaging on our pages, I needed to first understand what the problems were. You can only improve something if you know what needs improvement.

I started to look for a tool to help me with this.

I asked everyone.

Nobody knew about such a tool, but I did learn that most everyone had the same issue. A lot of messaging and copy, but no data on how to improve it.

Realizing what a huge unsolved issue this is, I decided to solve it myself. Wynter was launched in January 2021 as a point solution for B2B message testing. It has since evolved beyond it, being a full platform for ICP research in B2B.

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Your target market needs to inform your strategy. But their feedback is hardest to get.

Wynter makes it easy to find out how your target customer think and what they want. Everything on-demand. Results in 12-48 hrs.

1. Develop your go-to-market strategy from target customer insights

Discover your target customers top pain points. Build your messaging and revenue strategy from these insights.
Target customer surveys
Survey your ICPs about the problems your product solves. Use the insights as the foundation for your messaging and GTM strategy.
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Demand research surveys
Conduct brand awareness surveys to learn about your mental availability building efforts and category buyer preferences. Aided recall and unaided recall.
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2. Find messaging that resonates with your target buyers

What is your ideal customer thinking when they read your messaging? Do they find it interesting or boring?

What piques their curiosity, what turns them off?
B2B message testing
Effective message testing is effective marketing. Get data on how your target audience perceives your messaging, and what you need to do to improve it.
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Preference tests
Which value proposition is most compelling to your ICPs? Let them vote.
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B2B user testing
See videos on how your target B2B customers navigate your site, signup funnels and product onboarding. Identify sources of friction, so you can fix them.
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3. Live meetings, on-demand

Schedule interviews or sales meetings with your target accounts. Learn about their pain points, needs, or get feedback on your sales pitch.

Book 5, 10 or 20 meetings with your ICPs, and we'll get them scheduled within a week.
Sales demo feedback
Book real sales meetings with target customers. You might close deals, but you'll definitely make your pitch better.
Target customer interviews
Book and conduct 30 or 60 minute interviews with your ICPs. Get rich qualitative data on their pains, desired gains, and how they perceive you.
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Identify your target customers' pain points

Survey people in your target market about their important problems, what they think the solutions are, their purchasing triggers and more.