Spring, 2024. Austin, TX.

Spryng -
How to Win in 2024

A B2B SaaS marketing conference by Wynter - focused on relationships.
• Learn how to drive more pipeline this year (and beyond)
• Build relationships with B2B SaaS marketing leaders in a relaxed atmosphere
Markets are crowded. Everyone has every feature. Everyone says the same things. Money is tight.
How do you win?

How to win in 2024 and beyond

There are 5 essential ingredients to this.

1. Stand out from the massive noise out there. What stands out, gets noticed. Getting noticed - making people aware that you exist - is huge. You just can't use the old playbooks.

2. Stay top of mind. 95% of the market is not looking to buy from you today. You need to focus on building mental availability - to be thought of by category buyers in buying situations. Once they have the need and budget, you'll be in the consideration set.

3. Use messaging that's aligned with ICP priorities and challenges. The best way to get more demos and signups is to make people WANT to sign up. You need compelling messaging, and *not* sound like every other brand out there.

4. Out-convert the competition.
If you can acquire customers cheaper than they do, that's how you dominate. Especially during a budget crunch.

5. Understand what's exactly working. You need to be able to go to your CEO/Board and give them a consistent answer on "if we spend X in Z channel, we'll get this pipeline as a result".
This is the focus of the conversation at Spryng —

how to stand out, stay top of mind and out-convert everyone else.

It's all about who's in the room

Events are not about presentations, but who's in the room. This room is going to be packed with the brightest, most ambitious B2B marketers fighting the same fight.

Spryng brings together B2B SaaS marketers in a relaxed atmosphere. The goal: high-quality connections between like-minded people.

Whatever problem you're having, many people have had the exact same problems and have long solved them.

At Spryng, you will:
• meet other SaaS marketers and build your network,
• get ideas to your specific challenges,
• learn what's working for others.

Drinks and chats go until midnight. Leave with a community that will last you a lifetime.

Topics you want to discuss. Hand-curated roundtables

You don't have generic problems, you have very specific problems. Others do too.

That's why we're organizing curated roundtables where you will meet people working on the exact same issues, and learn what's been working for them.

There will be 15+ topics and roundtables you can take part of. Everyone participates and shares. Each discussion is led by an authority practitioner.

Learn how to ...
• make your messaging truly resonate and drive more pipeline
• acquire new prospects and customers who fit the company's ideal customer profile
• stand out with pattern interruption marketing
• secure more budget for paid acquisition programs
• tell better stories in B2B marketing
• craft a strategic narrative and use it effectively
• make your marketing organization move faster and ship more
• run ABM the right way
• use personalization to drive better conversions in B2B marketing
• find new channels to drive more pipeline
• win more deals and bigger deals
• use competitive intelligence to win more deals
• conduct ICP research and use the insights for better marketing
• differentiate your business
• convert more visitors into customers
• understand and measure what's working

Learn what's working really well for everyone (and not), and use those insights to go faster.
We're carving out space in the agenda for hours of conversation and connection on these topics and beyond.

We'll introduce you to people you need to meet

You will get introduced to people who have a similar job at a similar-sized company with a similar GTM motion. So you can exchange notes.

No to stuffy conference rooms. This is an outdoor-first event.

We've rented out a beautiful brewery for the occasion. We're gonna be mostly outdoors. All you can eat and drink included with your ticket.

20-minute keynotes and hour-long discussion roundtables, followed by connection and conversation.

Who should come?

This event is for B2B SaaS marketers.

If you're in product marketing, demand gen, brand or growth marketing at a B2B SaaS company, this is for you. If you value building a strong network over seeing presentations, this is a fit.

If you're interested in

• driving more pipeline,
• working on your go-to-market strategy,
• messaging and positioning,
• marketing as a differentiator,
• experimentation and pattern interruption,

...this is for you.

Spryng is an event where we come together discuss and figure out how to win.

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The event will take place in sunny Austin, TX.