Wynter B2B audiences:
target professionals by job title, industry, company size

Tap into our proprietary, hand-validated B2B network of screened professionals.

Every participant is 100% verified

All new participants are manually vetted before they are eligible to participate in message tests. We know their identity and job history, including where they work now.

When new people join, they fill in an onboarding survey which gathers information about their professional profile.

Then, everyone goes through a manual verification process. We verify all the details provided, including their LinkedIn profile and business email.

Note: We don't disclose the identities of individual participants to keep them safe from sales outreach.

Our top industries

• SaaS and software
• IT Services and IT Consulting
• Professional and Technical Services
• Retail
• E-commerce
• Financial Services and fintech
• Hospitals and Healthcare
Educators, teachers, professors & assistants, lecturers, scholars, research staff of schools, colleges, universities, or research institutes
Account managers
Account management specialists. Client account managers, senior account managers, key account managers
Back-end developers
Developers & engineers who specialize in back-end development
Business Development People
Business Development Specialists, Managers and Senior Managers of Business Development
Business Intelligence Specialists
Business Intelligence Engineers, Business Intelligence Analysts, Business Analysts, Business Intelligence Consultants
Community Managers
Community managers, Community leads, Community specialists, Head of Community
Compensation and Benefits Specialists
Benefits and compensation specialists, coordinators, consultants, analysts, managers. Includes payroll and total rewards people.
Content Marketing Managers
content marketers, content marketing specialists
Content creators
People that create content online, have a strong social media presence, run online communities and/or membership sites
Content people
Content writers, editors
Conversion optimization & digital analytics people
Digital analysts, CRO people, folks running experimentation programs, doing A/B testing
People with an extensive background in copywriting
Customer support and customer success
Specialists in Customer Support, Customer Service, Support Operations, Customer Operations, Customer Success
Data Analysts
Associate Data Analysts, Data Analytics Engineers, Data Analysts, Senior Data Analysts, Data Analytics Consultants
Data Scientists
Associate Data Scientists, Data Science Engineers, Data Scientists, Senior Data Scientists
Data science practitioners
Data scientists, data engineers, data analysts
DevOps engineers
Event Managers
Events Managers, Event Coordinators, Event Planners, Events Program Managers, Director of Events, Event Specialists
Financial Management Specialists
Accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers
Various freelance contractors: copywriters, designers, developers, marketing consultants, editors, writers
Front-end developers
Developers & engineers who specialize in front-end development
Full-stack developers
Developers & engineers who specialize in full-stack development
Graphic designers
Graphic designers, digital designers, and other designers working with visuals
Healthcare professionals
Nurses, medical doctors, physicians, physician & medical assistants, technicians, pharmacists, therapists, dentists, midwives, psychologists, and all who perform services in allied health professions
Human resources
HR specialists, benefits specialists, people development
IT Consultants
Software Consultants, Information Systems Consultants, Software Development Consultants, Technical Consultants, Technology Consultants
IT Tech Support
Customer Support Engineers, technical support representatives/engineers, Technical Support Agents, service desk coordinators, Setup, Implementation & Support Specialists, Tech Support Analysts, IT Support Managers, IT Support Specialists
Information Security Specialists
Information / cyber security analysts, engineers, consultants, auditors
Investment Banking
Financial analysts, investment banking analysts, and portfolio managers
Learning and Development Specialists
Learning, Training and Development designers, developers, consultants, analysts
Marketing specialists, customer acquisition roles, demand generation, branding people
Mechanical Engineers
People who work in mechanical engineering
Mental Health Professionals
Therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, and other professionals who perform services in allied mental health professions
Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and other nursing practitioners working across various healthcare organizations
Office Managers and Administrators
Office managers, Office Administrators, Administrative assistants, Personal assistants
PPC and Paid Media Specialists
People who are responsible for the day-to-day management of paid digital marketing campaigns. Titles include performance marketers, campaign managers, paid acquisition people.
PR / Communications Specialists
Various PR and communications titles, PR managers, communications managers
Paralegals and Legal Assistants
Legal support professionals, including legal assistants and paralegals.
Partnerships Managers
Specialists, managers and directors of partnerships.
Payroll Specialists
Payroll specialists, coordinators, consultants, analysts, managers
Procurement People
Procurement, Purchasing, Buying, and Sourcing specialists
Product Managers
Product Managers
Product Marketers & Product Marketing Managers
Product Marketing Managers, Product Marketing Leads, Product Marketing Specialists
Product people
Product designers, product analysts, product owners, product engineers
Project Managers
Project managers, Project leads, Technical project managers, Program managers
QA specialists
QA engineers, QA managers, Test leads, QA analysts
Real Estate professionals
Realtors, agents, brokers, salespeople, developers, investors, managers, and consultants
SEO people
People working in SEO, organic acquisition
Account executives, salespeople, sales development representatives
Social Media Specialists
Social media managers, coordinators, strategists, consultants
Software developers
Developers and software engineers
Solutions Architects
Solutions architects and engineers
Students at universities, academies, colleges, and other educational institutions
System Administrators and Engineers
Network and Systems Engineers, Network and System Administrators
Talent Acquisition Specialists
Recruiting, Sourcing, and Talent Acquisition specialists, consultants, partners.
UX designers
UX designers, UX analysts, UX researchers, web designers, digital product designers
Accounting Managers
People who guide the operations of a company's accounting department. Includes managers, senior managers, directors, heads of, and VPs of accounting
Brand Marketing Directors
Senior managers, directors, heads of, VPs of Brand Marketing
Business Development Directors
Business Development Directors, Head of Business Development, VP Business Development
Business Intelligence Managers and Senior Engineers
Senior Business Intelligence Engineer, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Director of Business Intelligence, VP of Business Intelligence
Content Marketing Directors
Director of Content Marketing, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Head of Content Marketing
Finance controllers, credit controllers, business controllers
Creative Directors
Creative directors, design directors, art directors
Customer Experience
Managers and directors for customer experience, customer insights, customer analytics
Customer Success Directors
Head of Customer Success, Director of Customer Success, Customer Success Managers
Customer Support Directors
Head of Customer Support, Head of Customer Service, Director of Customer Support, Director of Customer Service, Sr. Customer Support Managers, Sr. Customer Service Managers, Customer Support Managers, Customer Service Managers
Data Science Directors
Director or above in data science and/or machine learning
Demand Generation and Growth Marketing Directors
Head of Demand Generation, Director of Demand Generation, Director of Growth Marketing, Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Senior Demand Generation Manager
Directors of Data
Managers, senior managers, directors, and head of data governance, data analytics, data architecture, and data engineering
Ecommerce Directors
Ecommerce Managers, Director of Ecommerce, Head of Ecommerce, VP Ecommerce
Finance Managers
Finance directors, risk managers and credit managers
Founders - SMB
Small business owners, founders, and CEOs from a variety of industries. Organizations with fewer than 50 employees.
Founders - Tech
Tech / SaaS founders and CEOs, less than 50 employees
General middle management
Director level titles from various functions: marketing, product, HR, IT, customer experience, operations
Head of Agency
Consultancy and marketing agency owners and CEOs
Head of Digital
VP of Digital, Head of Digital, Director of Digital, Senior Manager of Digital
Head of Technology
Small business engineering and technology leaders
Human Resource Managers
Human Resources Managers, Directors of Human Resources, Heads of Human Resources
IT Managers
IT Manager, Director of IT, IT Services Leader, Head of IT Infrastructure, IT Infrastructure Manager, IT Architect
Information Security Directors
Information / cyber security managers, senior managers, directors
Innovation & Digital Transformation people
Innovation consultants, Innovation managers, Chief Innovation Officers, Head of Innovation and Transformation, Head of Digital Transformation
Learning and Development Managers
Managers, senior managers, directors, and VPs of Learning, Training and Development.
Legal Counsels
Attorneys, associates, lawyers, partners, general counsels, legal advisors, legal consultants, legal managers, Heads of legal
Marketing Directors
Director of Marketing, Senior Marketing Manager, other director-level marketing titles
Marketing Ops
Marketing operations people.
Medical and Nursing Directors
Medical Directors, Nursing Directors, VPs of Nursing, Chief Medical Officers, Chief Nursing Officers
Operations Directors
Operation Managers, Director of Operations, Head of Operations, VP Operations
PR / Communications Directors
Sr. PR / Communications managers, communications Directors, PR Directors, Head of PR / Communications, VP of PR / Communications
Procurement Directors
Managers, senior managers, directors, heads of and VPs of Procurement
Product Directors
Director of Product, Senior Product Manager
Product Marketing Directors & VPs
Senior Product Marketing Managers, Directors of Product Marketing, Head of Product Marketing, VP of Product Marketing
Sales Directors
director of sales, head of sales
Sales Managers
sales managers, sales team leads, senior sales managers
Software Engineering Managers
Managers, Senior Managers, Directors, Heads of Engineering, Software Delivery, Application Development, Software Development, Web Development.
Supply Chain and Logistics Directors
Managers, senior managers, directors, heads of and VPs of Supply Chain and Logistics
Talent Acquisition Managers
Recruiting and Talent Acquisition managers, leads, senior managers, directors
Venture Capital and Private Equity
Principals, partners, and investors at venture capital and private equity firms
Chief Executive Officers at companies with over 50 employees
Chief Security and Information Security Officers at companies with over 50 employees
Chief Financial Officers
Chief Financial Officers at companies with over 50 employees
Chief Information Officers
Chief Information Officers at companies with over 50 employees
Chief Operating Officers
Chief Operating Officers at companies with over 50 employees
Chief Technology Officers
Chief Technology Officers at companies with over 50 employees
Financial leadership
Titles: CFO, SVP & VP of Finance, Head of Finance
General VP/SVP/C-level
VP, SVP and C-level titles in all areas: technology, marketing, growth, brand, finance, product, HR, customer experience, operations
Information Security leadership
Titles: CISO, CSO, SVP & VP of Information Security, Head of Information Security
Marketing VPs / CMOs
Marketing leaders. CMOs, Marketing VPs & SVPs
Operations leadership
Titles: COO, SVP & VP of Operations, Head of Operations
Product Leadership
CPO, VP Product and Head of Product titles
Sales leadership
Titles: CRO, SVP & VP of Sales
Technology leadership
Titles: CTO, CIO, VP Engineering at enterprise companies
VP Human Resources
VP/SVP and C-level HR leaders

Fast and accurate B2B audiences didn't exist, so we built our own.

Tap into our on-demand network of screened and verified B2B professionals. All panelists are validated through LinkedIn.

We recruit these professionals through various industry associations, umbrella organizations, newsletters, online communities, and media sites.

For instance, to recruit more VP Human Resources type of folks, we advertise in the specific industry newsletters they read. Same goes for marketing, sales, operations and engineering people.

All of the audiences we have available have opted in to join our panel and all the panelists are getting paid for their effort.

Screenshot of Wynter's panelist signup form

What motivates people to participate?

John Heckman
Product Marketing Manager
I like to provide my career insights and experience as well as earn a little extra money on the side.
Victoria Brackett
Director of Human Resources
Caribe Realty
It seems like an interesting way to help others while helping myself!
Deepa Caveney
Director, Demand Generation
The kind of projects Wynter implements fascinate me.
Bonnie Dowler
Chief People Officer
Collaborative Solutions
I like the exposure to different materials.
Rich Lamberti
Chief Information Technology Officer
Defense Health Agency
I like to see what is new on the horizon as far as technology goes.
Kris Eul
VP of Business Development
Helping others and incentives.
Jason Berg
Senior Business Account Executive
Comcast Business
The opportunity to offer valuable insights and be rewarded.
Eva Sheie
The Axis
I LOVE being a panelist and I learn so much from giving feedback. I think it’s a terrific program!
Brett Levy
I like finding out about profits/services I could potentially use and the payment is generous so makes me want to give the info
James Rodgers
Head of Customer Support
Trifecta Retail Ventures
Being able to help companies get value from what would be potential Customers for their products.
Cory Tak
Sr. Software Engineering Manager
Seeing what's happening in my industry and the money.
Pablo Silva
Head of Product
It's really interesting working with Wynter to provide helpful feedback for companies. You can help make products around the world better!
Megan Boone
Director of Demand Generation
I enjoy giving feedback as it helps me as a marketer to think critically for other companies.
Daniel Jung
I like to help, I like to earn.
Jacob Rasmussen
Engineering Manager
I love sharing my expertise with others and sharing my feedback. I also love the payout.

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