Product launch checklist: Building hype & driving sales

Market research, target audience identification, messaging, driving traffic, sales – a product launch is anything but a short task list.

Join us for a live event on product launch strategy, where industry leaders will share their insights and best practices for making a splash in the market.

100% free. February 8, 2023. 11:00 am CST.

See which way the wind blows

Numerous product launches simply don't meet expectations in terms of sales and revenue – especially in crowded markets like B2B SaaS.

To win, you need to follow proven strategies and tactics that get you to:

●Identify your target market and tailor your launch to their needs

●Create buzz and generate excitement around your product

●Develop a comprehensive launch plan that includes marketing, sales, and customer support

●Measure the success of your launch and identify areas for improvement

Wynter Games 16 will focus on these proven tactics and answer all your burning questions to take your product launches to the next level.

The speakers

Parth Mukherjee
Parth Mukherjee
VP, Product Marketing @Mindtickle
Parth has led B2B marketing teams for about 20 years in public companies like Adobe and Cognizant as well as startups like Mindtickle and Chorus AI.
Randi R. Lee
Randi R. Lee
Head of Product Marketing @Fundbox
Randi is a senior marketing and product leader that helps tech startups scale from one to multiple products, services, and revenue streams. By focusing on customers, data, tenacity, and building high-performance teams, she creates and executes enduring marketing and product strategies to drive growth. She recently built the product marketing team at Fundbox.
Julien Sauvage
Julien Sauvage
VP, Corporate and Product Marketing @Clari
Product marketing leader with 15+ years of hands-on and managerial experience leading product marketing, go to market strategy, and pre-sales within startups and enterprise companies, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and data-related technologies. Former Salesforce, Gong and Talend - currently at Clari.

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11:00 am


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Julien Sauvage

11:30 am


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Randi R. Lee

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Parth Mukherjee