How to create standout B2B content

Wynter Games 4 brings you insights from the best minds in B2B content marketing.

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Wynter Games is a monthly virtual event series about finding, understanding, and appealing to customers. Distilled wisdom from the top experts in short 20-min sessions.
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Most B2B content is boring. The same old SEO keyword driven stuff. Yawn.

What's a better way?

We're bringing you speakers that show you innovative, edgy, and just different ways to do B2B content marketing - so it'd stand out from the noise.

  • What are some specific examples of standout B2B content?
  • How can you craft content that will catch attention?
  • How to increase the amount of organic shares on social?
  • How to convert more customers with content.

Doing different and better content is hard. But what's why it can become your moat. Most are not ready to break with the convention.

8 hand-picked content marketers

Andy Crestodina

Co-founder & CMO at Orbit Media Studios

Over the past 20 years, Andy has provided digital marketing advice to 1000+ businesses. He speaks at national marketing conferences and writes for the big marketing blogs.

Dr. Fio Dossetto

Content Marketing Manager at Aula

Fio works with content to make a difference, spark action, and truly serve an audience. She is the former Senior Editor at Hotjar, current contributor at Ahrefs and Aula, and the pen behind the contentfolks newsletter.

Derek Gleason

SEO Lead Analyst at Workshop Digital

Derek has worked in—and continues to be a part of—industries that invest in the research and production of authoritative information. If you're creating the best version of something, he's interested.

Michele Linn

Co-founder and Head of Strategy at Mantis Research

Michele Linn is the co-founder of Mantis Research, a consultancy focused on helping marketers conduct and publish original research. She was named one of Folio's Top Women in Media (Corporate Visionary).

Ryan Law

Director of Marketing at Animalz

Ryan has ten years of experience as a writer, content strategist, marketing director and agency founder—developing content strategy for companies including Google, GoDaddy, Clearbit, Wistia and Algolia.

Harry Dry

Founder at Marketing Examples

Harry writes marketing case studies and has been read by more than one million people. And his newsletter has grown to 50,000 subscribers.

Becky Lawlor

Senior Freelance Writer

Becky is a freelance B2B tech writer who helps brands create thought-leading content marketing collateral through original research and other high-value content like white papers and definitive guides.

David Ly Khim

Co-Founder at Omniscient Digital

David is a co-founder of Omniscient Digital where he helps B2B software companies grow through content marketer. Previous, he was a product manager and growth marketer at HubSpot where he developed and implemented user acquisition strategies.

April Dunford

Positioning expert, author of "Obviously Awesome"

April is a globally recognized leader in positioning.

She advises companies on new product introduction and market positioning, go to market strategy and how that intersects with marketing, product, sales and customer success.

Marcus Andrews

Product Marketing at HubSpot

Marcus designs narratives, creates go-to-market strategy, and launches products at HubSpot. Prior to HubSpot he was at Google, bringing AdWords and YouTube products to market. He hosts a podcast for Product Marketers - The Product Marketing Experts, and is the author of Narrative Design for Business.

Louis Grenier

Founder at EveryoneHatesMarketers

Louis fights marketing bullshit. He runs a popular marketing podcast, puts on workshops to help companies stand out, and consults on radical differentiation.


10:00 am


How to Turn Wild Opinions into Traffic, Backlinks and Social Proof

Ryan Law

Learn how real brands use thought leadership to build credibility, generate awareness and get competitors speaking their language. We'll harness the power of "coined concepts," explore key distribution channels, and share our framework for discovering your own "earned secret."

10:30 am


Product-LED Content: A Powerful (& Under-utilized) Approach to Content

Dr. Fio Dossetto

It may not be the edgiest or most innovative technique, but if you’re looking to build content that will consistently bring sign-ups and sales while standing out from everything else—here’s the talk for you! Let’s take a look at “product-led content”, which is keyword-driven content where your product is woven into the narrative and used to demonstrate a point, solve a problem, and/or help your audience accomplish a goal. I’ll walk you through a few practical examples, show you the step-by-step of how they were done, and give you extra tips so you can try out this method in your own content as soon as the talk is over.

11:00 am


How I Grew My Newsletter to 50,000 Subscribers in 20 Months

Harry Dry

Harry will show you the step-by-step process of how he grew his newsletter to 50,000 subscribers.

11:30 am


HubSpot's Content Strategy Isn't Going to Work for You, Here's What to Do Instead

David Khim

Folks we talk to often cite HubSpot as one of their most admired companies doing content marketing. However, they mistakenly believe that HubSpot's strategy will work for them. HubSpot has been doing content marketing for over a decade, and popularized it. What worked for them may not work now. Instead, let's talk about a framework (that takes inspiration from HubSpot's strategy) to help you create a content strategy that works for you.

12:00 pm


Credible and Useful: How to Conduct Better Survey-Based Original Research

Michele Linn

The upside: Publishing your own research can be an incredibly valuable and versatile content asset. The downside: There are a lot of details you don't even know to think about when working on this type of project. This session will offer a straightforward walk-through of the process you can use to conduct research that will be meaningful to your audience and will make an impact on your brand. You'll learn where the invisible pitfalls exist and get easy-to-implement ideas.

12:30 pm


No Excuses: How to Begin Using Original Research in Your Content Even When You’re a Time and Resource Strapped Marketer

Becky Lawlor

As a busy marketer, the biggest risk is that you are too overwhelmed with what’s on your plate currently to add something new. This presentation will show you not only why getting your content to stand out from the crowd requires original research but will provide an easy-to-implement and actionable framework for gathering and using original research in your content. By the time we wrap up, you’ll have a game plan to get started that will take minimal effort.

1:00 pm


Garbage In, Garbage Out: How to Rescue Your B2B Content Research from the Same Sad Metrics that Everyone Else Uses

Derek Gleason

Pick a site or topic. Export the most linked or shared content. Try to replicate the stuff with the best numbers. Be disappointed by the results. Rinse. Repeat. That’s no way to do content marketing. To break through in the B2B world, your content research has to do two things: Find the stuff that really turned heads—not just the so-so content published on big sites. Identify a unique angle that makes sense for your brand and resonates with your audience. Getting better at those two things can be as simple as adding a column or two to a spreadsheet, or starting your content research with humans—not URLs. In his talk, Derek shows you several ways to do it.

1:30 pm


Thought Leadership and SEO: The 3 Key Elements and Search Ranking Strategies

Andy Crestodina

This presentation is a data-rich perspective on the oh-so-popular topic of thought leadership, filled with practical takeaways for becoming an authority. You’re about to learn how a personal brand combines with content to drive big wins in SEO.

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