Usage-based pricing

Each test you run takes a certain number of credits. The credit amount is determined by the seniority level and quantity of the people you want to hear from. Instant quotes inside the app and in the pricing calculator.

All Wynter plans are an annual commitment with flexible payment terms.
Target customer obsessed. Includes managed test setup and research advisory.
Starting from $59,000 / year
  • Everything in Pro
    Dedicated research advisory
    Managed test setup and results analysis
Best if you run tests and surveys monthly.
Starting from $19,000 / year

  • Everything in Lite
    Research advisory
    Lowest cost per test
    Screener questions
Best if you run tests and surveys quarterly.
Starting from $6,990 / year
  • Unlimited seats
    Premium audience segmentation filters
    Ask custom questions in your tests
    Results in just 12-48 hours

Yes, it's not cheap. There are also thinner steaks, smaller cars, and larger risks.

How our pricing works

Create your audience
Choose the desired seniority level - specialists, mid-level or senior leadership.
Choose participant quantity.
Select the number of respondents you want to hear from - 15, 30, 50 or 100 people.
No platform fees
Subscription plans add credits to your account to pay for your tests.

You'll be in good company.

A powerful suite of product marketing research tools to help you win on messaging.
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Common questions

Do I need to get a subscription?
Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
How do credits work?
What do seniority level and ICP mean?

These marketers use Wynter to get their buyer insights

B2B companies in SaaS and ecommerce turn to Wynter to build messaging that works.
Jess Petrella
Jess Petrella
Director of Product Marketing
The quality of responses is a 10/10. Possibly the most difficult thing to achieve: your product delivers better than advertised.
Deborah Kelson
Deborah Kelson
VP Marketing
We are running our 7th test today. we love the ability to get insights very quickly, make tweaks, and test again
Photo of Paul Zalewski
Paul Zalewski
VP Marketing
Wynter is so good I almost don't want to tell anyone about it so it can be my secret weapon.
Photo of Marcus Taylor
Marcus Taylor
Venture Harbour
The average price people are happy to pay has increased over 10X by changing our positioning thanks to Wynter. So yeah... I'm sold
Photo of Brad Kilpatrick
Brad Kilpatrick
Senior Director
Ramsey Solutions
We saw a 15% increase in conversion rate from the insights gained from our first test and it took less than 5 minutes to setup and less than a day to get results back.
Photo of Scott Tousley
Scott Tousley
Head of Marketing
We uncovered a handful of unknown insights and recurring themes from our Wynter research. It's been incredibly valuable. I'd highly recommend Wynter as a way to dive deeper into the 'why' when analyzing website or onboarding funnel points of confusion.