Brand Positioning vs. Product Positioning

What's the difference and why it matters?

There's a lot of confusion about product and brand positioning.

But not understanding the fundamental differences blocks you from communicating your unique value to your target audience.

Join us for a live event and Q&A with Maya Shah-Ceccotti where we'll explore the difference between brand positioning and product positioning.

We'll dive deep into the nuances of each strategy and provide actionable insights that will help you better position your brand and products.

During this event, you'll discover:
• What brand and product positioning are and are not

• Where within an organization each is developed and managed

• Relationships between brand positioning, category design and your company’s strategic narrative

• How brand and product positioning each speak to particular levels of the buying hierarchy of needs

• On the brand marketing side, differences between brand positioning and creative marketing

• On the product marketing side, differences between product positioning and product messaging

• Entry and exit criteria for establishing brand and product positioning

• How to operationalize each for results
100% free. April 5, 2023. 10 am CST.

We’ll also be joined by the founder of Wynter, Peep Laja, who will moderate the session and be on hand for Q&A.

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Wynter Workshop is a 100% free event. If you can't make it live, we'll send you the recordings.
The event starts at 10 am CST.