The B2B Buyer Journey Research:

How B2B SaaS Marketing Leaders Buy Software in 2024

The B2B buying journey is complex for sure, but exactly where do buyers pause and ponder?

Which factors carry the most sway? How many stakeholders do B2B buyers consult? 

We surveyed 100 B2B SaaS marketing executives from companies with 200+ employees to answer these questions. 

The key trend: buyers trust their peers and their own eyes more than anything else.

Building the consideration set starts with Google searches, review sites, and asking peers

Getting into the consideration sets starts before deciding to get a tool.
  • 42% start by looking into specific vendors from the get-go.
  • 54% of people begin with a category search to identify possible vendors.
  • A whopping 58% of B2B marketing execs start their shortlisting by asking their peers.

What plays the biggest role in determining the final shortlist of vendors

  • 78% of B2B buyers shortlist only 3 vendors to get a demo with.
  • Word-of-mouth recommendations carry the highest weight, with 73% of buyers ranking it first.
  • The second most influential factor is 3rd party reviews, followed by brand fame/market share.

Buyers self-educate:
91% will come to a sales meeting already familiar with the vendor

97% will check out the vendor's website
82% use interactive demos or other virtual ways of checking out the tool (sandbox, trial)
Only 8% will have minimal familiarity.

Invest in your sales pitch: 83% of buyers will get a demo

  • Buying through a sales meeting is most common, and 50% of the marketing buyers in B2B prefer it that way.
  • 49% report that the actual demo adds the most value in the sales process -- more than interactive demos and trials, reviews, or the marketing website.

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