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How to do messaging for multiple ICPs
Talking to different types of customers can be tough, especially for horizontal products that serve many needs. Getting your message right can make a big difference in how well your product does.
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How to test a new product pitch with your ideal buyers
Imagine being completely confident your new pitch will land before you hand it over to the sales team. How to do it?Watch this workshop with Brady Jensen (CEO of Aggregate Insights) to learn all about it.
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How to write copy for data professionals
Writing copy for data analysts, scientists or engineers can be a daunting task. Although the usual copywriting rules still apply, some secret sauce is definitely needed.
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How to get your company to allocate more budget to target customer research
Learn how to make a case for customer insights investments to the leadership team.
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Storytelling for B2B SaaS
Every marketer knows how important storytelling is. But how do you actually do it for B2B SaaS? Watch this workshop to find out.
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How to tie market research to business strategy
Watch this workshop to learn how you can become a strategic partner to the executive team and use research and experimentation to influence the decisions that get made.
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How to write copy for technical buyers
In this workshop, B2B SaaS copywriter Brooks Lockett, will walk us through how to get into the heads of technical buyers and write copy that resonates with them.
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How to write copy for a cybersecurity audience
In this workshop, conversion copywriter, Andrew Yedlin, brought to light the common pitfalls many fall into when crafting copy for the cybersecurity sector.
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How to reduce friction & increase momentum by avoiding the words that drive away your prospects
Joanna Wiebe will show you the worst words you can use on a B2B SaaS site. Spoiler alert: you're definitely using at least two of them on your homepage today. See what doesn't work, why it doesn't, and what to say instead.
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How to create compelling value propositions for your startup
A compelling value proposition can change a startup's trajectory. ‍But to write value propositions that resonate with your target audience and drive conversions, some secret sauce is needed.
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Brand vs Product Positioning
There's a lot of confusion about product and brand positioning. But not understanding the fundamental differences blocks you from communicating your unique value to your target audience. Watch this workshop with Maya Shah-Ceccotti where we'll explore the difference between the two.
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How to pre-optimize your paid media strategy
Watch this workshop on pre-optimizing paid media strategy to improve your demand generation and paid acquisition efforts.
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How to increase conversion rates by improving homepage messaging
There are three things every homepage should do: Communicate clear value, motivate, and convert. ‍ Wynter's Research Strategist, Dustin Drees, will talk about homepage messaging, why it matters, and how to optimize it.
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How to conduct ICP research for B2B SaaS
How to use research to inform a messaging strategy that resonates with what truly matters to your ideal customers. ‍ Speero’s Director of Research, Emma Travis, will show the importance of not just knowing who your ideal customer is, but what matters to them.
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How to stand out from the competition
The markets are more crowded than ever. Everyone has every feature. If you visit websites of competing companies, you’ll also find that most offer no meaningful differentiation. They say pretty much the same things. How can you win? Watch this workshop to learn.
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Shaping B2B buyer behavior with Jobs to be Done
You can’t create growth without changing how consumers think and make decisions. ‍ In this Wynter Workshop, you can learn how to use the Jobs-to-be-Done framework to shape B2B consumer behavior.
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Getting to confident consensus around messaging
Learn what to do when marketing wants to use one messaging, sales another, and the CEO likes something completely different.How do you turn internal team misalignment into an agreement?
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