Brand research surveys for B2B

Conduct brand awareness and brand preference research studies with B2B audiences.

B2B brand research studies completed in 48 hrs

Using our self-serve platform, you can launch a brand research survey in minutes.

1. Decide what you want to find out (or use one of our survey templates).
2. Choose your ICP.
3. Get the full answers in ~24-48 hours.

No need for expensive agencies anymore that take months and charge you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Gather insights to brand questions like:

Ask the questions that matter and get surveys completed in 48 hours.
How many category buyers know your brand?
Which brands are top of mind for buyers in your category?
Which brand in your category is the preferred brand?
What do they think of your brand?

Get perspectives from verified category buyers

We have the highest quality pool of B2B professionals, available on-demand. With more than 60,000 participants in the database, we likely have people matching your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Our proprietary B2B audiences consist of engaged professionals from various industries and roles. Target by title, seniority, industry, and company size. Every participant is hand-verified to ensure quality.
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Create and launch a brand survey in seconds

Survey your target customers with a few clicks, and get results in ~24-48 hours.

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Already a Wynter customer? Launch your brand survey in seconds.
Top B2B SaaS brands use Wynter for market research
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Databook found the perfect category and grew their inbound leads by 10x.
Over 40% increase in conversion rates of demo and home page.
Paddle validated its strategic direction and brand makeover.