November 29, 2023

How Databook found the perfect category with Wynter and grew their inbound leads by 10x


  • Databook is a Sales Relationship Platform (SLR) that helps B2B sales teams develop data-informed strategies and manage their relationships with relevant buyers at scale. 
  • The company used Wynter to support a repositioning strategy. Insights played a crucial role in evaluating options through preference testing, validating their new positioning statement directly with their ICPs, and relaunching their website with more relevant messaging.
  • Finding a new category and creating messaging alignment allowed Databook to increase its website conversions by 67% and grow its inbound leads by 10x.

The challenge: stand out in the sales-tech saturated market 

Product positioning is all about finding a delicate balance. Going too broad can lead to more exposure but less relevance while going too narrow might overlook market potential and limit growth. In the saturated sales intelligence market, Databook was struggling to hit the sweet spot. 

The company was framing itself as a “customer intelligence platform.” Their chosen category was too broad, making it difficult to cut through the noise and explain their unique value.

The positioning challenge extended beyond messaging and affected internal alignment. Kassidy Bird, VP of Marketing, noted: “You couldn’t ask two employees what the company did and receive the same answer.”

Databook made the call to revamp its positioning for a competitive edge.

As Kassidy explained: "There are thousands of companies, and all say they do the same thing. And there are some pretty well-defined categories within the sales-tech industry, led by behemoths. Now the market's shifting and reorganizing, so we found our opening.”

The solution: find a new category with ICP-validated feedback through Wynter

Databook underwent a repositioning strategy in two phases. Phase 1 involved establishing a baseline and improving messaging, while Phase 2 brought about a deeper transformation.

During Phase 1, they used Wynter to test messages with different audiences to identify which resonated most. The results of these baseline tests confirmed their fears: nobody was able to understand what Databook offered or its true value. 

A screenshot displaying feedback results from Databook's initial message testing with Wynter, highlighting audience confusion and lack of clarity regarding Databook’s positioning.
Wynter feedback from Databook’s first Wynter test.

Kassidy decided to go deep into qualitative research, surveying Databook’s buyers through Wynter to better understand their pains and expectations. Those survey insights led to Databook doing a smaller repositioning into strategic enablement: 

“We didn’t do a full repositioning, but we likely repositioned in Sales only as strategic enablement. In the sales conversations, that has moved us forward immediately.” 

 Screenshot displaying feedback from three Marketing and Sales professionals highlighting challenges in identifying contacts, unifying team strategies, and recognizing key stakeholders quickly.
Wynter results from Databook’s persona surveys

The good news?

The results of Phase 1 made a measurable difference in both message clarity and retention during sales calls. “People understood what we said and could repeat it back to us by 38%”, Kassidy reported.

The bad news?

The messaging improvements weren't enough to move Databook forward.

Internal discussions revealed the need to reassess the company's vision and gain a clearer understanding of what they aimed to disrupt within the marketplace.

Wynter supported this decision-making process with a series of preference tests to get stakeholder feedback on their options: 

“Once we had figured out our point of view, we used the preference test to get reactions. That process gave us enough qualitative insights into where we actually landed on the category redefinition we chose to go with.”

New positioning

Databook's new positioning as the first platform for Strategic Relationship Management (SRM) inspired a website revamp.

Within two weeks of the relaunch, conversions increased by 67% and qualified leads increased tenfold. Post-launch testing also revealed a greater alignment of messaging and recognition among their ICPs.  

“The category relaunch has been probably the most impactful thing to our pipeline and the trajectory of our company. Now everybody is actually talking about our company in the same way, in the way that we want them to,” Kassidy concluded.  

Screenshot displaying feedback from three Sales professionals on Databook's updated positioning. Comments emphasize its role in amplifying sales research, being a hub for account insights, and streamlining sales pitches and preparations.
Wynter results from Databook’s updated positioning testing

The results: 67% improvement in website conversion and 10x inbound leads

  • Databook used Wynter as a primary persona research and messaging testing tool for a repositioning process. The test insights led them to reposition themselves as the sales industry’s first platform for Strategic Relationship Management (SRM). 
  • The new category allowed for better differentiation, as Wynter testing revealed their prospects could clearly explain Databook’s value proposition. 
  • The improvements resulting from Wynter testing led to a 67% rise in conversions and inbound leads growth by 10x. Internal reviews confirmed that the quality of opportunities entering their pipeline has improved, all linked to their category relaunch.