In this do you even resonate episode: AIPRM

This episode: AIPRM (volunteered by Michael King). 

This is a show where I conduct actual message testing on B2B websites and reveal the results. 

ClarityScore: 2.8/5 

Relevance: 3.4/5

Signup interest: 2.4/5 

AIPRM is a new AI startup finding its way. The early stage is the hardest for messaging. 

You're not sure yet how to market the company, don't have much customer data.

But you're just gonna have to have a go anyway. 

This iteration of their home page messaging does land well with their ICP - small business owners. 

BUT - the improvements to make are rather straightforward. 

Top 3 issues: 

1. Lack of clarity and specificity 

Many respondents found the messaging to be unclear, lacking in specifics. They expressed confusion about the value proposition and how the product works. There's a need for specific examples and use cases to better understand the product's benefits. 

2. Overwhelming design, too long page 

Respondents found the design to be overwhelming and cluttered, with too much information presented at once. The page is too long. I'd cut 50%. 

3. Off-putting messaging and tone 

Some respondents found the messaging and tone to be off-putting, with negative language. 

They also mentioned the use of overused terms and unrealistic claims. The beauty of finding out where the messaging misses the mark is that now you know exactly what to improve.