In this do you even resonate episode: Airbase

Do you even resonate? This episode: Airbase (volunteered by Dennis Clark).

This is a show where I conduct actual message testing on B2B websites and reveal the results.

Airbase is a pay-to-procure platform. We had procurement and accounts payables leaders check out their home page, and learned things.

Overall: very solid. Their ICPs get what they do, and find it relevant. Winning!

ClarityScore: 4/5

Relevance: 4.3/5

Signup interest: 3.7/5

3 key things that could use some improvement:

1. Above the fold

The most important part of the page is quite generic. The awesomeness and onlyness of Airbase are not listed. "Reimagined" does little but confuse people. The headline is not teasing the promised land.

While people get what Airbase is, it doesn't seem special. However "Stop uncontrolled spend" resonated strongly.

2. Need to drop superlatives

People just don't believe them. "Unmatched", "everyone loves", "best in class and best in suite". Superlatives turn on the skepticism mode.

3. Differentiation

"I think there needs to be a competitive edge to the product, and I don't see what it is after reading everything."

The differentiation and why Airbase over alternatives is not clear. G2 stars get a lot of real estate but it's not enough.

4. Lack of specificity

Their ICPs had a lot of very specific questions they couldn't get answers to.

Now - they have a massive website and I'm sure all the questions are answered somewhere. But they should be answered in context - when they arise.