Do you even resonate? This episode: Candu

Do you even resonate?

This episode: Candu (volunteered by Jonathan Anderson).

I ran a message test on their home page, targeting product managers.

Clarity was rated 3.7/5, relevance 3.8/5, and demo interest 3/5.

How can we improve these scores?

1. Clarity of product offering

Respondents expressed confusion about the product's capabilities and use cases. Is it an app builder? The rotating headline, and usage of vague terminology (e.g. "product-led experiences") and occasional buzzwords doesn't help.

2. Little things that bother people

"Withoud devs". Too many ampersands. The rotating headline again. Buzzwords. No product images.

An interactive demo and animated product screenshots would help.

3. Too much A/B testing messaging

It's not a classic A/B testing tool, but "A/B testing" is plastered over too many places. This hurts people's understanding of what the tool is. It's hard for people to consider multiple ideas at once.

4. Integration time

What's a realistic expectation of how long it takes to implement it? This is a massive source of friction and doubt. Candu needs to make specific claims here.

They also don't believe the "no code" message. Quote:

"Whenever a tool is marketed as being no code or involving no developers, I want to know exactly how much set up time with developers is needed. I doubt any tool is fully non-technical to implement."

People are jaded. Candu needs to connect with this emotional frustration.

5. Product differentiation

It's not an onboarding tool. But people compare it to Pendo, Appcues, Walkme. They need to own this comparison and clarify how they differ from those guys. Differentiation forces a choice.