This Do you even resonate episode: Channable (volunteered by Andreea Serb).

This episode: Channable (volunteered by Andreea Serb).

I ran a message test on their home page, targeting VPs and Directors of Ecommerce.

They found the offer relevant to them (4.1/5), but the messaging lacked clarity (3.5/5), which resulted in low demo interest (3.1/5).

How come?

Top 5 ways Channable could make their pitch much more compelling:

1. Move from vague and generic language to specific

Specificity is missing on all fronts. This is an easy lift. This includes replacing all icons and happy young people with product images/videos. You're a product company, not a lifestyle brand.

2. Spell out the differentiation

This was a top question in the ICP mind -- how is this different from all the other options out there?

3. Make it clear who the ICP is

Is it for D2C companies? Marketplaces? Enterprise? Don't make them guess.

4. What does it integrate with?

People were unsure about how the platform integrates with other tools and systems. They wanted to know if it is compatible with the tools they are currently using.

This is a key source of friction --> list key integrations on the home page.

5. Information hierarchy

The page takes its sweet time getting to the juice. The most useful block on the whole site is way down the page.

Some of the bits are completely irrelevant. Too much space is wasted on non-specific information.


If you look at the above 5 points, it becomes clear that a much-improved version of this page could be shipped in a day.

This is the beauty of message testing. Once you know what and where the problems are, you can fix them.

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