In this do you even resonate episode: Cognism

This is a show where I (Peep Laja, founder of Wynter) conduct actual message testing on real websites with real people.

This week: Cognism (volunteered by Fran Langham). ICP: demand generation leaders.

I conducted message testing on their home page, and rewrote it based on the data.

So how did this page do?

How compelling was the pitch? 3.2/5

Clarity: 3.6/5

The very curious thing though behind these numbers is that it's actually very few things they need to address to solve it.

The 500-pound gorilla in the room: how's this different from Zoominfo? It gets dismissed as 'yet another'.

"Same as any other service I guess. Just seems like a commodity."

Everyone's already using one sales intelligence vendor or another.

If you're in a mature category that everyone's already familiar with, you need to include your differentiation in your above-the-fold value prop.

There were other, smaller things that turned people off:

- The headline. It says 'mobiles', and for Americans this is odd. It should say 'mobile phone numbers'.

- Not a single screenshot of the product

- Lack of emphasis on a particular advantage. Is it about more leads or quality? They should go all in with the accuracy and compliance.

- They list some BIG stats, but don't back them up which hurts credibility. If you make big claims, gotta bring big proof.

What did you think of MY version of the home page? (I actually think they should hit their differentiation even harder).