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In this do you even resonate episode: Cynet Security

This episode: Cynet Security (volunteered by Natasha Fooks ).

This is a show where I conduct actual message testing on B2B websites and reveal the results.

Cynet is a cybersecurity solution. We put their home page in front of a tough audience - Chief Information Security Officers. This is a skeptical bunch.

ClarityScore: 3.1/5

Relevance: 3.9/5

Signup interest: 2.7/5

Current messaging is not hitting home with CISOs, but it doesn't take much to make significant improvements. Here are the top issues I identified:

1. Above the fold fails to clearly communicate what the product is

"What is it" and "who is it for" are not made sufficiently clear.

"I do not have enough information about what Cynet does. So if I got this -- I would just delete -- certainly would not request a demo based on this".

2. Jargon and buzzwords

Industry jargon can be totally fine -- if everyone in the industry understood this. This is not the case here. Above the fold area uses too many buzzwords like AutoXDR and MDR, and many folks are turned off by "crazy" and "radically".

Often, buying committees full of non-technical people are also involved, so it is better to spell things out.

3. The value proposition is too generic, sounds too much like everyone else

Apparently, CISOs hear this pitch all the time.

"Cybersecurity made easy is a cliche; everyone is claiming this so this wouldn't be attractive to someone who is continuously bombarded with such messaging."

"It has no distinction from a million others I've seen, I don't think it would get my attention."

4. Big promises with little backup

Big claims need big proof. Just read this feedback, and the problem becomes clear:

"Promising utopia. Turns me off right away. Especially when I have to dig and dig and dig just to figure out what they really do"

"I just don't believe what they are saying."

"I don't believe it at all. Anyone who promises to decrease the amount of staff required to do security without telling me how they are going to do it is almost certainly lying to me."

"There's no mention of costs, or level of efforts. Everything is pie in the sky, unicorns and rainbows. Somewhat unrealistic."

5. Imagery used

Folks are really turned off by the above-the-fold parachute guy. Since its prominent above the fold, they notice. It's always better to show the product instead of stylized imagery.

"they are using language and imagery to attempt to be "cool" or "hip" but the people who are the relevant decision makers won't care about either of those things.

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