Chili Piper

In this Do you even resonate episode: Chili Piper

Format for the show:

1. running an actual message test with their ICPs (demand gen leaders in their case),

2. analyzing the data,

3. creating a new version to address the identified issues.

My conclusion: the home page can improve a lot.

Overall clarity: 3.5/5

Message relevance: 3.4/5

Interest in the demo: 2.9/5

Chili Piper is doubling inbound conversion rates for their customers. I think Wynter can do the same for them.

Identified issues:

- the logo needs to include the company name for better brand recognition

- the headline needs to be stronger and more specific

- folks are not sure who it's for

- "most advanced" is off-putting and unclear

- "get a demo" CTA above the fold is way too early

- "leaky funnel" is eye-rolling cliche

- funnel visualization is not working

- paragraph copy around the funnel is problematic

- saying "Our products" is a missed opportunity

- a lot of confusion around the 3 products: who are they for, do you get 1 or all, what's the difference etc

- thin content: the page leaves people with unanswered questions even after reading everything (eg. what's implementation like)

- differentiation vs top alternatives not spelled out

- overall use cases/benefits too vague for some

What's working well

- good customer logo selection

- people like the story of how the marketing funnel has changed

- folks want better meetings conversion rate

Find out how I'd re-do their page in the video.

Some changes:

Above the fold

- include the full company name in the logo

- new headline

- new paragraph copy above the fold mentioning ICPs

- new CTA (answering the key question people develop here: 'how do you do it?'

- new line above the logos

Funnel section

- new headline for the funnel section... it also needs a new graphic

- re-write the paragraph copy: take out the misplaced comma, new last line

Our Products section

- rewrite the subhead to reinforce the main benefit

- include implementation info

- mention bundle vs separately

- for products, spell out what they do

New section:

- I'd add another section to address key doubts around differentiation (e.g. why use over Hubspot)

- Spell out more case studies of how X and Y gets results