Exit Five

In this do you even resonate episode: Exit Five

This is a show where I (Peep Laja, founder of Wynter) conduct actual message testing on B2B sites with real target audiences. 

This episode: Exit Five (volunteered by Dave Gerhardt).

Exit Five is a community for B2B marketers. How compelling is the page?

ClarityScore: 3.6/5

Signup interest: 3.1/5

The message test uncovered a lot of issues: which is always good news! You can only fix the problems you're aware of.

Top issues:

1. People want to see examples of the insights/learnings.

This is essentially a content product. The product is the content in the community (+connections). So - show the product! People want to see examples of those amazing threads, and are skeptical of the claims.

2. Who exactly is in the group and what is their skill/career level?

Being a member of this group I think who is in there is everything. The $20 access fee is a filter that weeds out randos. The page should lean into this.

There was quite a bit of wondering about "how is this better than any free group". It's all about who is in there and who is not. Show actual people: names, titles, companies.

3. Is this a Facebook group? What's the main value?

The page is overly testimonial-focused at the expense of clarity and spelling out the value. The key take-home messages are buried under too many bullet points.

I propose deleting some bits, and moving the content from Step 2 of the funnel to the home page.