In this do you even resonate episode: Heimdal

This episode features Heimdal® (volunteered by Danny Mitchell).

We tested their home page with a Chief Information Security Officers audience. Here’s what we discovered:

Clarity: 3.8/5. The main clarity issues lie in product specifics. The ICPs desired more details rather than generalized marketing language.

Interest to learn more: 3/5. Not great.

While the unified platform idea was appreciated, there was a major issue: lack of differentiation.

As one CISO noted: “Same as all the other vendors. ‘We are the best, yada, yada’. Every tech company says the same thing.”

Key comments included:

• It’s unclear how Heimdal is unique or different compared to clear industry leaders.

• It’s unclear how the technology is more advanced than industry leaders.

• They claim to be comprehensive, but so does everyone.

• The value proposition compared to bigger players like CRWD is unclear.

• How is the solution different and unique? Such promises and generalizations are common with security vendors.

• It’s a mishmash of promises with little info on how this solution stands out.

Many wondered how Heimdal compares to Crowdstrike. They need to proactively position themselves against top players to highlight their unique value.

Addressing these points head-on and focusing on differentiated value will yield much better results.