In this do you even resonate episode: LeadIQ

This week: LeadIQ (volunteered by Mitch Comstock).

I ran a message test on their home page, targeting B2B sales professionals.

Overall results:

Clarity: 4.2/5

Demo interest: 4/5

Very strong results. The clarity is commendable!

There are however a few key issues they need to address.

Key issues on this page:

1. What's the onlyness? Why LeadIQ?

This is a very mature, highly competitive space. You can't just describe what you are and hope to get away with it. You need to spell out the 'why choose us'.

2. Where in the sales ecosystem does this fit in?

Is this a Zoominfo alternative? Or Outreach competitor? While the clarity of the words they use is great, the problem is what they're not saying. There should be no doubt about what this replaces.

"Is it a lead gen platform? I cannot tell if it's a product, platform, plug-in or all of the above."

3. The capability descriptions are lacking magic.

"Send personalized emails" without descriptions of what's so special about LeadIQ's approach makes it sound quite generic. Which is not good enough in the highly competitive space they're in.

4. The strategic narrative "too many sellers, sending too many messages" is not followed up with.

People agree with the problem statement, but how does this make LeadIQ more relevant is unclear. For many, it sounds like it's part of the problem.