In this do you even resonate episode: Loom

This episode: Loom (volunteered by Nick Lafferty).

They're doing a very fine job, but clarity and motivation to sign up are lacking:

ClarityScore: 3.7/5

Sign up interest: 3.5/5

So what's the problem?

Top 3 issues I (Peep Laja, founder of Wynter) identified from the data:

1) What do you use it for?

The use cases are not clear. Since this is a new idea for many, Loom needs to spell it out more. Be more explicit about what is it, the benefits of using it, and what the use cases are.

2) How is this better than what I'm using now?

Some folks are comparing this to Camtasia or Zoom. Now the product is NOT the same, but they fail to communicate it well.

They never show how easy/fast it is to start recording.

3) Lacklustre product representation

Webcam video outside the content or over the content is creating some wtf moments. A gif can replace a thousand words, but you need better gifs that represent the product with more accuracy.

In all of the message tests, I do the takeaway is always the same: show REAL screenshots and videos. Graphical representations are almost never as good.