In this do you even resonate episode:

This is a show where I (Peep Laja, Founder of Wynter) conduct actual message testing on B2B sites with actual target audiences, and share the learnings

This episode: (volunteered by Rachel Shi) home page. Metadata is one of the better sites I've featured in this series.

I tested their home page against the Directors of Demand Gen audience.

Clarity: 3.5/5

Signup interest: 3.7/5

What keeps them from scoring higher?

3 main things:

1. People start out really excited, but then feel disappointed because they never learn what gets automated and how.

They have that info on sub-pages, but need to move the main explanation to the home page too. Often it's not about what's said, but what's not said.

Not getting "the how" leaves people skeptical of claims.

2. The New Way/Old Way image on the home page is not working - it's unclear.

I recommend they conduct further testing to ask people how they understand the New and the Old way just by looking at the graphic. Odds are not well.

3. Positioning confusion. They never once mention they're an ABM tool, but then show G2 chart where they compare themselves with ABM tools.

Mentioning the enrichment feature makes also people doubt they get what this is (so it's like Clearbit?).

They need to focus on the core message / capabilities, and less on the add-on capabilities.