In this do you even resonate episode: Navattic

This week: Navattic (volunteered by Natalie Marcotullio).

All-around solid scores:

ClarityScore: 4.1/5

Relevance to ICPs: 4.3/5

Demo interest: 3.4/5

Their ICP - demand and growth marketers - get what they do and find it relevant. There's just something missing to get demo interest further up.

3 key things that I uncovered in the ICP feedback:

1. Key: the economic impact of Navattic.

Currently, this is not discussed. So tease the wonderland and let me know what I can achieve. Show case studies of companies that achieved those numbers.

2. Is it really about product-led growth?

Putting this in the center turns off sales-led companies who think it's for PLG only (losing leads there). And some people who qualify as PLG are wondering if showing demos (not the product itself) really qualifies as PLG.

In any case, you don't want your ICPs to be arguing with you over definitions. I think the PLG focus is fine to use, just have to adjust how this is positioned and communicated.

3. Show the product!

The meat of this page should be the interactive demo. Many people after reading the above the value prop are wondering what an interactive demo really is. BUT - currently the demo itself is way down the page.

Also, they use static screenshots while they promote "replace static screenshots with engaging interactive demos". Gotta drink your own champagne here.

+ some smaller nitpicks about word choices and calls to action.

In summary, much-improved results are close.