In this do you even resonate episode: OpsLevel

This week: OpsLevel home page (volunteered by Andrew Connolly).

Conclusion: the home page can improve quite a bit.

Overall clarity: 3.7/5

Interest in the demo: 3.3/5

The main issues: lack of clarity and trust.

Key problems:

1. People read the whole thing, and still don't get it. Still have questions.

"What exactly does the service do? it is clear that it integrates with a standard build/deploy infrastructure, but is it just a monitoring tool or something more?"

"How long until you start benefitting from the platform isn't clear. Do I need all integrations set up or can I start small and incrementally add more monitoring as needed? What do successful outcomes look like when using the tool?"

(Now that the message test has uncovered a lot of unanswered questions, they can answer them in the copy!)

2. Folks are confused by the screenshots - and want to see animations over static images (for enhanced clarity).

3. Too many people don't get the key phrases on the page like "living inventory" or "catalog". These need to be spelled out.

4. Too many folks don't resonate with - or even don't understand the pain points. The choice between developer autonomy vs reliability is not an argument that seems to work.

"The line about not choosing between "developer autonomy" and security/reliability doesn't resonate with me. I don't really see the dichotomy there are how this product addresses it."

5. Need to back up claims with proof. Developers are a skeptical bunch. They want to see case studies of how companies use it and what impact it has had.

"How do you turn tribal knowledge into valuable data? Everyone says that, few can pull it off. I immediately discount anyone claiming that without some simple hard proof."

"It is unclear how you plan to solve the pain points you are addressing. How are standards codified? That is a very wide claim, which requires significant evidence to back up."

"I am extremely skeptical of some of these tools that claim to offer a one-size-fits-all approach to problems that exist on more of an organizational level. If the tools aren't leveraged, developers won't achieve autonomy and tribal knowledge will still remain tribal."

6. Differentiation - or lack thereof. They communicate as if they're the only game in town. Instead, you want to make your uniqueness clear, take control of the competitive narrative.