In this do you even resonate episode: Pandadoc

Format of the show:

1. I ran a message test on their Pandadoc for Marketers page - to see how that page lands on their ICP - marketers.

2. I analyzed the results,

3. and had a go at how I'd improve the page based on the data.

Overall page scores:

ClarityScore: 3.7/5

DemoScore: 3/5

So there's room to improve both in terms of clarity as well as making it more compelling.

Top identified issues:

- They're not leading with the strongest possible value proposition, interest to keep reading is mediocre

- Many didn't get the pain point/problem they're solving, need to do more to sell the problem

- The use cases weren't immediately clear

- Some thought it was a document creation service, not a product

- Some paragraphs too long, some subheads too vague

- It's not crystal clear why choose them either over the status quo (e.g. pdfs) or other competitive products

- certain words trigger people and take the attention off the main thing 

Knowing exactly what the issues are, I took a stab at how I'd re-write some of the parts. Of course, my suggestions are not guaranteed to work.

Message testing and getting to optimal messaging is an iterative process: test, re-write, test, re-write --  until you get to copy that's clear, compelling, and relevant.