In this do you even resonate episode: Qualified

This is a show where I (Peep Laja, founder of Wynter) conduct actual message testing on real websites with real people.

This week: Qualified (volunteered by Marty Kassalen). ICP: demand generation, revenue marketers, business development leaders. I ran a message test on their home page.

So how did this page do?

How compelling was the pitch? 3.7/5

Clarity: 3.9/5

Overall this is a well-designed page, but it suffers from a few specific issues: noise and bloat. And some lack of clarity.

Things they could fix to improve their messaging and overall conversion rate:

1. Above the fold area

The narrative-led headline doesn't do anything for the visitor. Doesn't add to clarity, doesn't increase motivation, doesn't pique curiosity.

The intro paragraph is too hard to read - and missing the most critical differentiator for them - that they are built for Salesforce.

The visual is way too noisy, and people ignore most of it. Have to simplify.

2. The 2nd section is about Salesforce - but it really doesn't deliver.

It's got way too much noise. Visitors are unsure what they're looking at and don't know what to pay attention to. They should move this section to an internal page.

3. The 3 use case sections (VIP visitors, outbound and PPC traffic) create clarity - "oh now I get what this thing is!" - but take up way too much space, making the page needlessly long.

These sections are really talking about the very same thing, and hence should be combined on the home page - while linking to 3 internal pages for more info.

Too long pages mean unfocused messaging and losing visitors' interest. Their home page is unnecessarily long and needs a 50% cut.

See more of my feedback and suggestions for simplification (esp in the above the fold area) in this video.