Do you even resonate episode: Quantified

This episode: Quantified.ai. Target audience: B2B SaaS sales leaders.

Overall scores:

ClarityScore: 4.3/5

Demo interest: 4.2/5

Stellar scores, and a pitch that mostly hits home. However, there are a few key areas for improvement to drive more demos.

1. Does it work for MY product/service?

The biggest source of friction is the lack of clarity about the effort required to train the AI. How will it learn about my product, market, and industry?

2. Claims without proof.

6x, 42%, and other impressive numbers: any time you make a claim, immediately follow it up with the source. Otherwise, people won’t believe them.

3. Specific trigger words that turn people off

Avoid terms like “uplevel,” “next generation,” and “avatars.” These can unnecessarily trigger negative reactions. A piece of dirt in soup can make it inedible.

Oh, and the CTA “demo simulator” is both unclear and misleading (it does not take you to a simulator but to a massive form).