In this do you even resonate episode: RevenueHero

This episode: RevenueHero (volunteered by Vikash Koushik 🦸). Target audience: B2B SaaS demand gen leaders.

Overall scores:

ClarityScore: 3.7/5

Relevance: 4/5

Demo interest: 2.7/5

How can they improve these scores and drive more demos?

1. Substantiate the 3x claim

People want to believe the “3x your pipeline” statement, but there is no supporting evidence provided.

2. Make it clear how it’s better/different than the status quo

Most folks are already using some form of lead routing and scheduling tools, such as Salesforce, Calendly, Chili Piper, etc. Focus on explaining your advantages over those.

3. Explain more about how it works

Demand gen leaders want more details on the operational aspects of the product, like integration with existing systems (and implementation time), lead qualification processes, and ensuring accurate lead routing.

There are also many smaller issues like hard-to-read, jargony sentences. When did you last use “make the most of the high-intent a lead exhibits during form-submit” in a conversation?

Address these issues, and you just might 3x your pipeline this quarter.