In this do you even resonate episode: Rutter

This is a show where I (Peep Laja, founder of Wynter) conduct actual message testing on real websites with real people.

This week: Rutter home page (volunteered by Shaalin Parekh).

Overall clarity: 3.4/5

Interest in the demo: 3.4/5

Key room for improvement:

1. The value proposition is not clear enough. What does this unlock for me? Which problem does it solve?

"I had to read the message twice to understand what you do."

"The specific use cases that this enables feels a bit fuzzy. What exactly should I be able to implement now that I have these unified APIs with commerce data?"

2. How does this compare with the competition, what's the differentiated value?

"There are other players in the space — what makes Rutter better?"

"I am most unsure about the value this provides compared to other players like Stripe or Plaid."

3. How much time/effort does implementation take? Show case studies for timelines.

"How easy will it be to set up the project from a development perspective?"

"What exactly does an implementation look like in terms of dev effort?"

4. The use case content block is too far down the page - but seems to do the most lifting to help clarity. Move it right under the fold.

5. The above the fold area needs a better image and a better communication of product positioning (for whom, why).

"It needs a really clear example use case up front, e.g. if the image actually showed a UX powered by Rutter's API to demo what experiences can easily be built."