In this do you even resonate episode: Slite

This episode: Slite (volunteered by Veta Armonaite).


ClarityScore: 3.2/5

Relevance: 3.3/5

Demo interest: 2.9/5

The explanation for these low-ish scores is this: fuzzy positioning. People don't care about the details until they get the big picture.

And they really didn't get 3 key things:

1. What is it?

2. What do I use this instead of?

3. What job is it helping me do?

People want to put you in a box, and you should let them. Is this a Notion alternative? Does it replace Slack? Or Confluence?


"[I don't] know where Slite wants to be in my company's software stack. It doesn't look like it's robust enough to replace my project management software or Slack."

"It's unclear to me exactly what Slite wants to be in my company's ecosystem. My best guess is either a more robust version of Google Docs or a more team-centric Notion."

How is it different from those platforms?

Without spelling it out, people will make assumptions (like "is this a Notion template?").

I'm not sure "modern knowledge base" is the best way to position the product as it's too limiting (but I don't know enough). Definitely the word 'modern' is not helping clarity and should not really be used in tech.

In the absence of clarity, people grab on to whatever thing IS clear, like pricing: "The biggest thing I remember is that it's cheap, either $0 or ~$6 per month."

It seems like a fantastic product with lots of capabilities. Once they figure out a better way to position it, there's no holding them back.