In this do you even resonate episode: Survicate

This episode: Survicate (volunteered by Basia Derkowska-Podhajska), a user journey survey software - as they call themselves.

ClarityScore: 4.3.

Demo interest: 3.4

The home page is very clear. Clear language and imagery. You can use this as a role model website for clarity - there are no doubts about what they do.

What needs improvement:

1. Differentiation

They're in a competitive category, yet do not make explicit what their differentiation is. People were strongly wondering about this.

"It is unclear how Survicate differs from or is superior to other products".

If you fit into a known mature category, you have to lead with differentiated claims.

2. Presentation of their unique value prop

Way down the page, they do make some unique claims (e.g. 6x better response rate). Those claims intrigue the target customer - so job well done there.

However, big claims are met with big skepticism. They need to do a better job explaining the source of this number. AND they need to move it way higher in the information hierarchy.

3. Ease of Implementation and Integration

Many folks were concerned about the ease of implementing and integrating Survicate with their existing tools and processes.

They need to be clear with specifics on how much effort this all takes + move the integrations a bit higher up the page.

4. Remove stuff

The home page is quite long. As a rule of thumb, the more things you add to the home page, the more it dilutes everything on it. They need to cut stuff, starting with educational bits on "what you gain from running surveys".