In this do you even resonate episode: Zingtree

This week: Zingtree (volunteered by Grant Duncan). ICP: customer support directors.

Overall clarity: 3.9/5

Interest in the demo: 3.5/5

Decent, but could do better.

3 key things they need to fix to get much better results:


They're hiding the product, and not showing the screenshots. People are in the dark, and suspect the product must be really ugly. Drop all stylized graphics and replace them with actual product screenshots/gifs.

2. Specificity sells

They mainly lead with vague statements, but then in 2 places mention numbers - those sections get everyone's attention. They need to go all in with specificity, numbers, and case studies.

Their ICPs specifically communicate that they want to read what other customers have achieved with Zingtree.

3. Differentiation. You have to spell out your differentiated value.

ICP quotes:

"Agent scripting - doesn't everyone do this?"

"I'm not sure I saw anything that would be different from what the competition would claim. How are you different?"

"Most of the companies have the same pitch. Everyone offers savings as cost cutting is a neverending trend"

All their customers are likely already using something. Change requires them to believe that this is superior to whatever they have right now.