In this do you even resonate episode: Zoovu

Join me as I perform real message testing on actual websites. This episode features Zoovu, volunteered by Marc Cousineau.

We tested their homepage with the Head of Ecommerce audience.

Here’s what we discovered:

Clarity and interest to learn more scored 3.7/5. Solid! People generally understand their offering.

What can be improved?

As one ecommerce leader noted, “My first reaction is ‘Sure, okay.’ I’ve seen this line many times before.”

• They position themselves as unique, but their ICPs are skeptical and question their differentiation.

• Relevance: People immediately wonder if it integrates with their platform (Demandware, SAP, Shopify, etc.), but this isn’t addressed.

• What’s the implementation time? Is there a white glove service? This isn’t clear.

• It’s AI-heavy, so there are concerns about AI training time and accuracy. A self-serve demo would help.

• The homepage is too long, which can be off-putting. Research shows that more ideas communicated often lead to fewer ideas remembered.

• Key product images would be more effective as gifs since they currently fail to clearly and compellingly convey the product.