Landing page tests

When your ideal customer is reading your landing page, what are they thinking? Are they leaning in — "Wow, that's interesting!" — or are their eyes glazing over.

Which is it? You won't know until you conduct your own landing page message testing.

Improve your landing page conversion rates

If you drive paid traffic to landing pages, the conversion rate is especially important. 

If you can acquire customers cheaper than the competition, you dominate. 

The fastest way to achieve this is by improving the landing page copy.

Run a landing page message test to identify where it falls short, so you can improve it and convert more customers.

Example of a full page messaging test highlight. The text tested in this highlight is in the positive (green) range.

Where does the audience come from?

Our proprietary B2B audiences are made up of engaged professionals from various industries and roles who provide insightful responses to your questions. All are hand-validated so you can target by title, seniority, industry, and company size.
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Find answers to business questions like:

You make your messaging more effective through testing.

Which of the arguments we're making are really resonating?
Which benefits are they most interested in?
What does the headline make them feel?
Does the reader feel we understand their role and challenges?

Data shows that website messaging is 2x as influential as design when it comes to converting visitors.

Conducting message testing with Wynter helps you identify problems in your messaging, so you can fix them and convert more customers.

We put your messaging in front of the very audience you're marketing to and you'll discover how they perceive it.

What gets them to lean in and say "tell me more"? What's boring? What gets them to roll their eyes?

Knowing the difference between what resonates vs. what turns them off is the difference between winners and losers.

How to set up a landing page test?

Improve your messaging now

Set up a landing page message test in minutes.

Elliot Roazen
Growth Marketing
The Hub, Unilever
Wynter has been a real game-changer for our innovation funnel. Being able to first test copy before it ends up on a new sales page gives your experiments a head start.