A/B testing alternative: message testing

Testing is important. Alas, most web pages don't get enough volume to run A/B tests - requirement for a minimum ballpark is 500-700 conversions per URL. But you can still run message tests.

Learn if what you're saying is resonating with your audience.

Wynter gives you data on how your audience perceives your copy - what's confusing or unclear, what questions remain even after reading everything.

Fixing those issues is how you convert more customers.

Perfect for low traffic pages.

There are no requirements for traffic volumes. In fact, we deliver the audience for you.

Because it's qualitative research, there are no traffic requirements. And you get the results in hours instead of weeks.

An example of an open ended feedback from a messaging test. The overall theme of the answer is: everything is confusing and there's a little clarity about the product/service offered.

Pre-test your offers before you deploy

Copy is the most impactful part of your website. It's the words on the page that increase user motivation to take action.

Motivation is way more powerful than friction. If people *want* something, they're ready to deal with considerable friction.

That's why working on your offers and value proposition is gonna deliver 10x more results than reducing friction. Aim to increase user motivation first.

How can you make your copy more persuasive? You need to start by knowing where it fails. You can only improve something if you know what's wrong with it.

Wynter will gives you detailed data on what's working and what's missing the mark in just 12-48 hrs.

Use Wynter to test your messaging

Set up a test in minutes
Photo of Marcus Taylor
Marcus Taylor
Venture Harbour
The average price people are happy to pay has increased over 10X by changing our positioning thanks to Wynter. So yeah... I'm sold
Photo of Paul Zalewski
Paul Zalewski
VP Marketing
Wynter is so good I almost don't want to tell anyone about it so it can be my secret weapon.
Photo of Scott Tousley
Scott Tousley
Head of Marketing
We uncovered a handful of unknown insights and recurring themes from our Wynter research. It's been incredibly valuable. I'd highly recommend Wynter as a way to dive deeper into the 'why' when analyzing website or onboarding funnel points of confusion.
Photo of Elliot Roazen
Elliot Roazen
Growth Marketing
The Hub, Unilever
Wynter has been a real game-changer for our innovation funnel. Being able to first test copy before it ends up on a new sales page gives your experiments a head start.