Not enough traffic for A/B testing? You can still do message testing.

Testing is important. Alas, most web pages don't get enough volume to run A/B tests -  requirement for a minimum ballpark is 500-700 conversions per URL.

But you can still run a messaging test. Because it's qualitative research, there are no  traffic requirements. And you get the results in hours instead of weeks.

Learn if what you're saying is resonating with your audience.

Wynter gives you data on how your audience perceives your copy - what's confusing or unclear, what questions remain even after reading everything.

Fixing those issues is how you convert more customers.

Perfect for low traffic pages.

There are no requirements for traffic volumes. In fact, we deliver the audience for you.

How it works in 5 steps:

1. Pick a page on your site.
2. Choose your target audience (who you sell to).
3. Select areas on the page to get data on.
4. Review results after 24 hrs.
5. Make changes based on the new insights.

Set up a messaging test now.

Learn where your copy misses the mark, so you can fix it.