You can run 5 different tests on Wynter

Get feedback on your website messaging, email copy, find the best headline or survey your target buyers about their pain points and desired gains.
Effective messaging is effective marketing
When your ideal customer is reading your marketing or product messaging, what are they thinking?

Getting someone to sign up is a symptom, a lagging indicator. Sign up is the effect. You need to focus on the cause.

It's extremely difficult to make "messaging convert better" (the effect), but it gets dramatically easier if you distill it down to these 5 components (the cause):

1. Clarity. Do they get it?
2. Relevance. Is this aligned with their priorities and challenges?
3. Value. Do they want it?
4. Differentiation. Why you?
5. Brand. Does it come across the way you want?

This is exactly how the message testing methodology at Wynter works. After running a message test, you will know exactly where it's falling short, and what needs to be improved to convert more customers.
The most important element for converting visitors? Your offer!
But which offer will generate the most leads? Which value proposition hits home?

Wynter's preference tests help you answer those questions for B2B audiences so you can validate offers before you put them out there.

You can launch blank preference tests or use pre-made templates:

Use competitor comparison template to find answers to questions like:

●Which vendor would the target customer most rather get a demo with?●Which vendor has the most appealing value proposition?
●Which vendor speaks to your priorities and challenges?

Use value proposition comparison template to find answers to questions like:

●Which offer is most appealing?
●Which offer is most clear?
●Which option are they most interested in?
Learn how audience thinks about the problems you solve
If you know what are the pains your customer is trying to solve and what the desired gains are, you can do highly effective marketing.

Buyer intelligence surveys by Wynter help you learn exactly this.

You can build custom surveys from scratch or run surveys based on pre-made templates:

Use pains and gains survey template to find answers to questions like:
●What are the top 3 pains of your ICP when it comes to X?
●What are the top 3 outcomes they’re looking to get?
●What metric is your ICP measured on?

Use jobs to be done survey template to find answers to questions like:
●How important is [job] to you?
●How satisfied are you with your options to [do the job]?
●What is your biggest challenge, frustration or problem with [job]?

Use what customers want survey template to find answers to questions like:
●What is your biggest pain point in the work you do?
●What are your main doubts or hesitations when buying [X]?
●How do you decide between vendors in [X] space?

Wynter Buyer Intelligence Survey results. Examples of an open ended survey question and a scale question.
Triple your outbound email response rates
Get feedback on your email template from the people you're targeting.

Figure out what message hooks them, and what should be cut from your current pitch.

Questions you can answer with this test:

●Are we leading with our best foot forward?
●Does our hook work or fall flat?
●Are we generating enough curiosity to get a reply?
●How to increase the reply rate?
Example of a cold email test. Screenshot of the cold email and feedback given on it from the panelists.
Get your exact target customers evaluate your company or product on video
You don't want an average grandma give you feedback. You need someone with a specific title from a specific type of customer.

Wynter is the only platform that allows you granular B2B audience targeting for user testing.

Discover what it's like to be inside your marketing machine and find answers to questions like:

●What's clear or unclear?
●What's missing?
●What turns your target customers off?

Or test an entire webpage to understand what parts of your page have design and usability problems and how to fix it.
A man User Testing Wynter's website. Sitting in front of a computer and is being recorded.

Speed up your feedback loops, settle debates

Target customer feedback loops used to take weeks if not months. With Wynter you can answer almost any question about what your target customers think in 24 hrs.

• Should we say it like this or like that?
• Does our new home page resonate with the audience?
• Is the offer on this landing page sufficiently compelling?
• Marketing wants to say X, but the CEO believes Y. What do we do?

Settle debates with data.