Wynter is a

B2B buyer intelligence tool

To win in the era of saturated markets, you need to know what your target customers think, and what they think of you.

In essence, you need buyer intelligence. The faster your feedback loops, the bigger your advantage.

Product-based differentiation has gone away

Look at any mature category - almost every competitor does all the same things. Every CRM, email marketing tool, or landing page builder has every feature.

If you compete in an existing, mature category (98% of us do) - you cannot win by being objectively better.

Why is that? It's just too hard. Whatever stuff you build that buyers want, others can replicate it relatively fast.

Yes, you still need a good product, it's just not enough anymore.

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. All the martech companies divided into categories. Market saturation

Who knows more about the buyers, wins

Most competitors not only do the same things, they also look the same, say the same stuff and go after the same customer. That's a road to nowhere.

To compete and win you need buyer intelligence: discover what B2B buyers in your target market think, and how your messaging is resonating with them.

This way you can dramatically speed up feedback loops, convert more customers, and out-execute the competition.

Become more relevant and timely

If your messaging addresses your buyer's current challenges and priorities, it will hit come.

If you talk about the actual, real pains your buyers are experiencing right now, it will resonate.

If you sell the desired gains they're actively pursing, you will convert more customers.

Knowing what your customers think about the problems you solve, what they want, and how they want it - is a massive advantage you can have. Today.

Use Wynter to find answers to questions like

What are the top 3 pains your target customer has?
What do our target customers want?
What exactly is the gap between where customers are frustrated and what the competition is doing?
What are the gains my target customers want to achieve?

Use Wynter to

Improve your marketing and messaging.
Get-to message market fit
Your message/market fit is determined by how appealing the messaging sounds to the customer. There is no better way to find out how your messaging is landing than to check with them directly.
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Understand the customer's jobs- to-be-done
If you know the job the customer wants to get done, you can craft messaging that truly hits home. Talk about the end-outcome they're really after. Make offers they will find hard to resist.
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Improve your outbound email response rates
Know your ICP's biggest pain points, and know how your cold email is landing on the prospects. Use the data to write more effective emails. Increase your email response rates, generate more sales-ready leads.
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Speed up your feedback loops
Too many companies spend too many days and months discussing which new idea is good. Or they spend months validating those ideas. With Wynter, you can pre-test any concept in just 24-48 hrs.
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How to use Wynter to gather buyer intelligence

How our products can help you to learn more about your buyer

They use Wynter for insights and impact

B2B companies use Wynter to build messaging that works.
Photo of Paul Zalewski
Paul Zalewski
VP Marketing
Wynter is so good I almost don't want to tell anyone about it so it can be my secret weapon.
Photo of Elliot Roazen
Elliot Roazen
Growth Marketing
The Hub, Unilever
Wynter has been a real game-changer for our innovation funnel. Being able to first test copy before it ends up on a new sales page gives your experiments a head start.
Photo of Marcus Taylor
Marcus Taylor
Venture Harbour
The average price people are happy to pay has increased over 10X by changing our positioning thanks to Wynter. So yeah... I'm sold
Photo of Brad Kilpatrick
Brad Kilpatrick
Senior Director
Ramsey Solutions
We saw a 15% increase in conversion rate from the insights gained from our first test and it took less than 5 minutes to setup and less than a day to get results back.
Photo of Scott Tousley
Scott Tousley
Head of Marketing
We uncovered a handful of unknown insights and recurring themes from our Wynter research. It's been incredibly valuable. I'd highly recommend Wynter as a way to dive deeper into the 'why' when analyzing website or onboarding funnel points of confusion.