User Testing with B2B Audiences

You don't want an average grandma give you feedback. You need someone with a specific title from a specific type of customer.

Wynter is the only platform that allows you granular B2B audience targeting for user testing.

See sample video:

Get your exact target customers evaluate your company or product on video

With video walkthroughs, you can see how people from your actual target audience perceive your marketing. Target by job title, industry, and company size.

The panelists will come to your site as potential buyers (looking to replace their existing service provider), and evaluate your pitch based their role and actual needs.

Discover how they experience and navigate your website, feel their emotions, and learn which parts of your website doesn't work like it should.

See and hear what about your messaging and positining is resonating, or backfiring. What's "hell yes" or "meh". Use the insights to improve your marketing.

A man user testing Wynter's website. The man is sitting in front of a computer and is being recorded.

Get answers to business questions like:

If our ideal customer is on our website, will they say "this is exactly what I want!"
After seeing our website, how would they describe what this product is?
Why choose this company over others?
Is what we're saying on our website aligned with the priorities and challenges of our target customer?



How to set up a video walkthrough?

Currently a beta product, please write to us

Where does the audience come from?

Our proprietary B2B panel is made up of engaged, professionals from various industries and roles who provide insightful responses to your research questions. All validated through LinkedIn. Target by title, seniority, industry, and company size.

For consumer audiences we tap into various reputable panel recruitment APIs.
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Know exactly how potential buyers experience your website

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Alright, you got me hooked. This is such a quick, strong way to validate your value proposition. I'll be making massive changes now & submit for another test.
Danny Postma