1:1 Customer Interviews

Book and conduct interviews directly with your targeted customer types. Gather valuable insights about your product or service, with in-depth insights to improve your marketing messages. On-demand.

The interviews could be about their top problems, how they think about your product category, or a straight up sales presentation.

Live, 1:1 interviews with no hassle.

Graduate from a simple questionnaire or survey to a live, two-way conversation with your target buyer.

Ask specific questions, dig deeper for more insight, and hear feedback directly from who your marketing needs to resonate with.

Wynter handles everything from sourcing your interviewees, to coordinating your meeting time.

2 heads, representing 1:1 customer interviews

Where does the audience come from?

Our proprietary B2B audiences are made up of engaged professionals from various industries and roles who provide insightful responses to your questions. All are hand-validated so you can target by title, seniority, industry, and company size.
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Find answers to business questions like:

Ask the things you've been wanting to know, and get an opinion from the person who would make a buying decision. You'll be surprised what one conversation will uncover that a single written answer never could.

What are the top 3 pains they want to avoid?
What's their desired gain?
How are they choosing vendors?
What are my ICP's main doubts or questions when buying this product?

Any question about the target buyer is answered in a couple of clicks.

Everyone knows they should be talking to more target customers, but most don't.


It's hard to do. It's scary to reach out to people,

it's painful to follow up, it's hard to find mutually convenient times, and so on.

1:1 meetings are always going to be the creme de la creme of interactions, but the hassle can be a too-high cost for many.

Still, speeding up market feedback loops is a massive advantage.

Now Wynter will take care of the hard part.

Organize 1:1 interviews with your target buyer in just a few clicks.

How to set up a 1:1 customer interview

Book your customer interview right now

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Elliot Roazen
Growth Marketing
The Hub, Unilever
Wynter has been a real game-changer for our innovation funnel. Being able to first test copy before it ends up on a new sales page gives your experiments a head start.