September 21, 2021
Wynter updates

Hello Wynter! Goodbye Copytesting!

Copytesting is now Wynter. Following another record-breaking month of growth, we decided speed up the launch of our new name.

Copytesting is now Wynter.

Following another record-breaking month of growth, we decided to speed up the launch of our new name. (Before we get too big, and change gets harder.)

The rebrand will also bring a change in our focus - messaging research for B2B companies.

Wynter is about helping companies get their messaging right

While copy testing will remain a core feature of Wynter, we're much more than just optimizing lines of copy. Wynter is about improving your strategic messaging.

Companies often struggle with making it obvious how awesome they are, and why customers should be all over them.

It's not just about specific lines of copy (although important). It's about the overall key messages you're communicating. If you are pushing the wrong message, the eloquence of those lines is irrelevant.

Marketers own how their product is perceived. And unless you actively define what your product stands for, customers will assign their own meaning to it (or let the competition shape their perception).

Your prospects will make judgements about your product based on your website. If the expectations are wrong, or the product value is misinterpreted, it will take your marketing or sales team much longer to change those perceptions.

Getting to message/market fit

Too many companies over-index on product, and under-invest in product messaging. Truly innovative products have failed because customers just didn't get it.

Convincing customers to buy is testing not only how a product solves a customer’s pain, but also how its value is communicated. Product/market fit does not exist without message/customer fit.

The right message needs to repeatedly reach the right people in the right market to create a customer.

Getting to the right message is as important as getting to the right product.

The symptoms of ineffective messaging aren’t easy to spot. You probably collect and analyze almost every imaginable metric, but how do you know your messaging is working (or not)?

Your sales process might be slowed down and your conversion rate sub-optimal because prospects are too confused about your offerings. But you wouldn't even know (and instead tinker with sign-up flows or more aggressive sales tactics).

This is where Wynter comes in. There is a qualitative way to analyze your current messaging, and identify where it misses the mark. Common problems Wynter helps uncover:

  • unclear or vague pitch - people don't buy what they don't get,
  • sameness - coming across like everyone else, failing to highlight unique strengths,
  • boredom - customers fail to see anything interesting about the company,
  • incomplete information - after reading everything, they still have questions.

Once you know what the problems with your messaging are, you can fix it.

If your positioning is done well, it's not likely to change frequently. Messaging on the other hand should be tested and optimized often. Your messaging should evolve with your customers, reflect the realities they're in, and take into account the changing competitive landscape at large.

Wynter is the tool you need to have in your arsenal to make sure your messaging hits home.

What's in the pipeline

We're getting big-time traction with our B2B panels. More and more B2B SaaS companies and agencies are using us to analyze and improve their messaging.

Here's what we're working on next:

  • We're doubling down on B2B audiences, building the world's biggest and highest quality B2B panel. It's freaking good already.
  • Our current focus is on helping companies see how their messaging resonates with their customers. In the coming months we will also launch offerings to help you figure out what your messaging should be to begin with - customer/market research surveys.

    We are expanding our audience research feature sets - enabling you to learn what your target audience wants, how they want it, what their priorities are, and so on. This will help you craft more effective messaging.
  • Video walkthroughs of your site with B2B audiences. See how your target customer experiences your funnel and signup flows.
  • In the end, we're building a platform. We can integrate in any tool to deliver B2B panels, and other companies can build services on top of our panels via API.

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