Video walkthroughs with B2B audience

Get videos of people representing your ideal customer profile walk through your site, and think out loud. See and hear what about your messaging and positining is resonating, or backfiring. What's "hell yes" or "meh". Use the insights to improve your marketing.

People from your target market evaluating your company or product on video

With video walkthroughs, you can see how people from your actual target audience perceive your marketing.

The panelists will come to your site as potential buyers (looking to replace their existing service provider), and evaluate your pitch based their role and actual needs.

See how they experience and navigate your website, feel their emotions, and learn which parts of your messaging resonate with them (or not).

How it works?

Let us know who (job function, seniority, company size) you want in your test audience, and what flow you want them to go through.

We will match you with the right people, and send the instructions to the panelists. They will record a screenshare video with voiceover and webcam footage.

Within 48 hours, we’ll send you the recordings along with auto-transcripts.

At the moment ordering a video test is only possible through this page.

Sample video walkthrough

Here the panelist was asked what is this website about, and who is it for:


  • $75 per specialist/individual contributor level panelist
  • $99 per mid-level panelist(directors and managers)
  • $200 per VP/C-level panelist

You can order 5/10/15 person audiences.

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