Use target customer insights to craft a winning 2024 go-to-market strategy

Wynter shows you the gaps between your assumptions and your target customers’ reality. If you know what your target customer thinks and wants, you can speak to the right pain points in the right channels, using your buyers’ own words. Make strategic planning choices for 2024 based on buyer insights, not assumptions.

Turn opinion-led guessing into buyer-informed planning.

When did you last check in with your target customers to find out what their big problems are? What they think the solution is? How much budget is allocated toward solving it?

Your target customers have pain points, desired outcomes, and priorities for 2024. What are they? You might have an idea, but where have you substituted your judgment for what you want to do for what the customers actually want?

If you want to win next year, you need a plan that’s informed by your target customers, not assumptions.

That’s where Wynter demand research surveys will help: ICP insights delivered in under 48 hours.

Learn how your target customers think about your category.

With Wynter, you will gain clear insight into your market.

1. Decide what you want to find out (or use one of our templates).
2. Choose your ICP.
3. Get the full answers in ~24-48 hours.

While your competitors sit around guessing at what messaging, offers, channels or value propositions will work best, you’ll already have the answers, straight from your target customers.

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Experience how Wynter uncovers your target customers' pains and desired gains, helping you make an informed 2024 plan. We’ll show you how it works and what results you can expect.

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Gather insights to strategic questions and priorities like:

Ask the questions that matter and get immediate feedback from industry leaders. Challenge your assumptions and biases by learning from your target customers.
What are your key pain points or priorities you are facing?
Describe in detail the problems you are experiencing due to your top challenge/pain.
What’s the value of fixing those challenges?
What are your top initiatives or projects that you’re currently working on?
Where do you go online for information or to learn more about the market?

Get expert perspectives from industry leaders and professionals.

We have the highest quality pool of B2B professionals, available on-demand. With more than 60,000 participants in the database, we likely have your ICP.

Our proprietary B2B audiences consist of engaged professionals from various industries and roles. Target by title, seniority, industry, and company size. Every participant is hand-verified to ensure quality.
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Survey your target customers with a few clicks, and get results in ~24-48 hours.

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Wynter makes it easy to gather deep, actionable insights from your target customers.
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Already a Wynter customer? Launch your demand research survey in seconds.
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